Moving and staying on track

Today I am moving to Toronto… which is awesome and I’m so very excited. I am 99% packed and waiting for the moving truck to get here. A major downside to this is that I don’t have access to anything with which to eat or make food. It makes staying on track for my diet really difficult, but not impossible.

Today I ate some ezekiel bread with almond butter for breakfast and as a snack I had some canned salmon. Probably not the tastiest things I’ve ever made, but it fits into my macronutrient ratios and is decent whole food. Something I have discovered that has been helping a lot is the whole roasted chickens that you can buy in pretty much every grocery store now. Andre and I have been buying the pre-washed salad kits and a roasted chicken for dinner some nights and it’s surprisingly delicious (and way cheaper than the exact same meal at Swiss Chalet)!

Alright, just a short post today as I have to get back to packing, but always remember, if it’s important to you, you’ll find a way; if not, you’ll find an excuse… even with this mountain of stuff!



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