The dreaded cold

Well, after a long weekend of moving in, Andre and I are mostly set up. There have been a few hiccoughs here and there, the major one being that our fridge doesn’t work. It’s funny that my last post was about staying on track while moving which is hard enough… try doing it without a fridge! I have mostly managed, but my diet has definitely not been up to the standards that it usually is, and I am sure I have not been getting enough protein.
Another pretty major problem is that I am extremely sick. This cold from hell started on Saturday night and seems to be getting progressively worse. As a general rule, I recommend listening to your body and doubly so when you are sick. Yesterday I felt up for some exercise and managed a pretty tough leg workout, but my cardio was pretty pathetic given that breathing is rather difficult.
There is a lot of conflicting information out there about working out while you are sick, a good guideline is that if you are sick above the neck (like a head cold, sore throat, ear ache, headache etc.) you should be ok, but maybe take it a little light in the gym. If you are sick below the neck (anything to do with your lungs, stomach, digestive system etc.) you should take a break. Yesterday everything was confined to my neck up but today I have had the pleasure of having things move into my lungs… so no gym for me today. 😦
So for tonight I am ordering in Japanese food (teriyaki chicken and vegetables, rice, salad and miso soup) and watching the Princess Bride, which is my movie of choice when sick. A note on eating take-out food when on a diet: I don’t recommend it. However, there are times when you need to and there are a few good options:

Miso Soup

Miso Soup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

• Swiss Chalet – quarter chicken dinner, white meat with a baked potato
• Greek food – chicken souvlaki (not the kafta) either in shawarma or on a salad with rice
• Japanese – pretty much any sushi roll that doesn’t have fried food components and ideally brown rice, edamame, soups, teriyaki and rice dishes and salads.
• Thai – stir frys… but make sure you ask them not to use too much oil!
Those are the main ones I stick to because I try to avoid bread, but there are a lot more options for sandwiches if you can have them.
Well this post kind went off in all directions, which is probably a product of my brain feeling all foggy from being sick, so I apologize if this didn’t make any sense. Until tomorrow, train hard… unless you are sick!


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