The quest for delicious gluten free bread

Gluten intolerances have recently come to the forefront of society’s collective psyche, and a lot of companies have kindly responded by making gluten-free products. A lot of people are going gluten-free regardless of whether they are gluten intolerant or not, thinking that this is the new miracle diet and they will magically lose weight by doing this (can you tell by my language use that this is not what will happen?). This phenomenon was probably helped a lot by Oprah’s shining endorsement of gluten-free diets.

Let me explain, going gluten-free without using gluten-free substitutions will probably aid in weight loss because most foods that are bad for you contain gluten (think breads, pastries, cakes etc.), so you eliminate those and your diet will probably improve a lot. However, with the popularity of gluten-free diets there are now plenty of gluten-free substitutes for all those treats. Gluten free treats are still TREATS! They are still bad for you and a lot of them are worse because gluten-free flours tend to be more calorie dense than wheat flour.

Ok, so now we know that going gluten-free will not miraculously make you drop those last 10 pounds. Gluten intolerance and Celiac Disease  are a real problem for many people, going on a clean diet will naturally eliminate a lot of the gluten in your diet, but one thing that is still a pretty big staple in even a fit person’s life is nutritionally sound bread. It’s convenient for breakfasts and lunches, and a good quick way to prepare some healthy eats. But have you ever tried gluten-free bread? Yuck! Most of them are super dry with little to no flavour, and what’s worse is that they are these tiny slices and pack almost twice the calories of regular bread!

I have been avoiding gluten for a little under a year (not entirely) and have notices a dramatic decline in the amount of times I get sick and have tummy issues. When I do cave and eat gluten for more than one meal I have horrible stomach pains and frequently notice a cold a few days later. Until yesterday I just avoided eating bread unless I had to because the idea of gluten-free bread was so unappetizing, but my lovely mother went to the Pusateri’s around the corner from my house and picked up this: So far the best gluten free bread I have tried.

While the slices are still smaller than regular bread it’s only 120 calories for 2 slices and wonder of all wonders… it actually tastes good! Now I am not going to tell you it tastes like regular bread, because it doesn’t, but it does actually have a nice flavour, is moist and holds together well. Well done Yoshi’s Sweets! I will definitely be trying some different flavours in the near future. I think the breakfast loaf (see the link to their website above… Yoshi’s Sweet’s) will be next of the list.


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