Morning Workouts FTW!

So that last post was supposed to be posted last night, here is the one that is actually meant for today… enjoy!

I am now a little less than 7 weeks from my competition and starting to freak out because my weight is not dropping as fast as I had hoped… that and it’s my birthday this weekend and I want to be able to enjoy it. So the next 5 days have to be perfect. In my humble opinion, the key to perfection is planning. This week I will be in the gym every day either doing cardio or weights and I will be eating within my calorie range every day with at least 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass per day.

These are variations of Jamie Eason’s Protein Bars using spelt and gluten free flours.

So how does one manage this when your company throws you on a job out in Mississauga last minute with no gym in sight? One might stay up until midnight on a Sunday after being at the cottage and cook 12 mini turkey meatloaf muffins along with 18 protein muffins with a plan to make pre baked breakfast frittata’s in muffin tins and a whack load of chicken breasts for salads tonight. My kitchen was a mess and will be again! But I now have a week’s worth of healthy meals that will save me time in the mornings so I can get to the gym.

That is step 2 of the plan. Go to the gym in the mornings! I failed this morning due to the midnight baking marathon, and will therefore have to go tonight after braving the traffic in Mississauga. I did this all last winter, so I know I have it in me. A key ingredient in this is having made coffee the night before and refrigerating it so that you can chug it on the way to the gym without burning your mouth.  Mmmm iced coffee.

There is something terribly rewarding about morning workouts. You can all call me crazy if you want to, but knowing that I have already done more most people will do all day before they have even woken up makes me feel like a champ. Sometimes a grumpy champ as my boyfriend can attest to, but that solves itself about 30 minutes into the workout when I am feeling like superwoman. Seriously… give it a try. Better yet, convince your friend to meet you at the gym, that way you can’t bail! Knowing you will be letting someone else down if you don’t get up will make sure those comfy covers don’t get the best of you.

If you can’t force a friend into waking up at the crack of dawn with you, here are some tips to make sure that you follow through with your plan:

  1. Tell people – This may be the point of this post, if I put this out in the ether I will feel mighty silly if I don’t get up and go tomorrow morning. Same thing applies for you, tell someone you know you will talk to the next day that you planned an early morning sweat session, and when they ask how it when make sure you can honestly say… awesome!
  2. Pre-prep – Prepare your workout clothes, work outfit, breakfast, lunch, work bag, whatever you need, the night before. If you only have to brush your teeth, out on the cloths that you have already laid out and scarf some breakfast (please eat btw), it will seem much less difficult to achieve.
  3. Write it down – this can be as little as writing in your calendar that you will go to the gym at 7am, or as much as writing out a specific timeline from alarm going off to leaving the house. Writing things down has a way of making them more real and more permanent.
  4. Be positive – instead of thinking about how awful leaving your warm blankets will be, think instead about how amazing you will feel after you actually achieve your first morning workout, or for in my case, I like to think about those little endorphins that will be crashing through my system making me feel oh so happy.

Whatever it takes to get you out of bed, it can be done! Trust me though, if you are a bus person, morning workouts are the way to go. If you leave your workouts for after work so much can get in the way: you might have to stay late, friends might want to catch a movie, you realize you have no food and need to go grocery shopping (this happens to me frequently). What is going to happen in the morning? NOTHING! Work isn’t going to unexpectedly call you in early, mornings are routine and routine is exactly what you need in order to stick to a workout plan.

Morning workouts for the win!


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