Leg days and no freeweights in sight!

All done wearing these, which really adds a dimension to leg days.

I thought I would share my workout from tonight in case anyone is looking for a good quick leg workout.

I went to a goodlife fitness for women tonight thinking it would be just like other goodlifes but, you know, only women. I was sadly mistaken. They had no freeweights and the dumbbells maxed at 30 pounds… ok there goes my plan for heavy deadlifts and squats. Well I’m not about to go to a different gym at this point so I managed to annihilate my legs with minimal weight and using machines (of which they had a plethora… apparently that is “female friendly”). Here is what I did if any of you run into this problem and/or don’t feel like using free weights.I was short on time so I started with a set of tabata sprints which I talk about in this post. This was probably not the best idea before a leg workout as it exhausted the muscles and I was on low carbs today. But so much better than running for 30 mins! Then right into this workout which took about 45 mins start to finish.

All exercises were done in regular sets * 3 of 10-12 reps and 1 min rest periods (approx)

  1. Squats on the bosu ball (ball side down) holding 2, 25 pound dumbbells (this makes the form a bit awkward, but is doable)
  2. Bulgarian split squats (basically a lunge with your back foot up on a bench) with no weight – 10 reps each leg
  3. Single legged stiff-legged deadlifts holding 2, 30 pound dumbbells – 10 reps each leg – my balance was crappy on this because I am carb depleted so I was feeling a bit off
  4. Leg extension with a heavy weight
  5. Leg curls with a heavy weight
  6. Hip abduction machine with a heavy weight (don’t go too heavy on this, it hurts more than you think)

I always end with light stretching after legs… don’t stretch too deeply because your muscles are much more elastic after a workout but have already been torn up, so just stretch until you feel it, not to the pain point.

So that’s that, a nice quick leg workout that wasn’t at all what I had planned but still left me walking wobbly at the end. So when your favourite equipment isn’t available at the gym, move on, adapt, you might get an even better workout in because you mixed it up.


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