Carb up!

Today is carb up day! I’m so excited and I don’t know why… I don’t even normally eat a lot of carbs, but after 3 days (1 day fast and 2 days of low carb) of having very limited carbs and next to no fruit, I am thoroughly looking forward to the high carbs and slightly higher calories of today. But before I get into that, let me tell you about the low carb phase first.

 For the last 2 days I have consumed less than 80 grams of carbs per day (63 on the first and 71 on the second). I didn’t struggle too much, but I did notice I was a little tired. I’m not sure if that was lack of sleep or from the lack of carbs. Considering I usually eat around 130 grams per day this isn’t a big change, but to get down to that level requires cutting fruit and grains entirely. I was having lots of eggs, avocados, chicken, beef, salad vegetables, and other veggies along with increasing my fat intake in the form of olive oil, a few nuts, coconut oil and even some butter. So all in all I was not feeling deprived, I never felt overly hungry, just a little weird. My energy would come and go throughout the day without any reason that I could identify, but I never felt dizzy or overly tired. Tuesday morning I weighed 139.8 lbs (after the fast) and this morning I weighed 138 lbs on the nose. So almost 2 pounds in 2 days. I will expect to go back up tomorrow and slowly cycle down as carbs retain water. Based on the first 2 days, I definitely think this is something that will be effective and that I can continue to do without too much struggle.

 Now on to the carbs! I planned out my meals for today in the morning yesterday because I wanted to be around 225 grams of carbs and needed to know what I should be eating. My plan is:

 Breakfast – Pumpkin protein oatmeal (which I give the recipe for below)

 Snack – greek yogurt/apple/kashi cereal mix up

 Lunch – Beef stirfry with 1/4 c. (uncooked) quinoa

 Snack 2 – Apple and 1.5 tbsp natural peanut butter

 Dinner – Turkey meatloaf muffins (see recipe here) with sweet potato, carrots and snap peas

 Snack 3 (if needed) – Apple and protein shake

 If you notice there are a lot of apples in that plan that is because I have a huge amount of apples in my fridge right now from apple picking on my birthday.

 Without the 3rd snack, my daily breakdown is this: Cals – 1,812      Carbs – 222 g       Fats – 50 g       Protein – 128 g

 Pretty nice looking stats if I do say so myself 😉

 So the carb refeed plan is now a go, I made all my meals and put them in tupperware last night except for breakfast. I had breakfast about two hours ago and noticed a definite difference in how I felt after eating, much more full (not more satisfied, just physically full) and maybe a little clearer headed.This was how I started my carb up; this lovely fall inspired bowl of oatmeal that I like to call…

 Pumpkin Pie Protein Oats

 Here are the ingredients:


1/3 c. large flake oats

1/2 c. water

2/3 c. liquid egg whites (don’t use the real egg whites as it makes it REALLY thick, you also don’t have to add this att all and can just follow the amounts on the package with no protein)

1/3 c. Pureed pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling)

1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice (or whatever spice you want)

1 tbsp chopped pecans or walnuts

1 tsp organic maple sugar to top (maple syrup is also delicious, I just don’t have any at the moment)

Egg whites, water and oats get added to the pot

Step 1: Combine the liquid egg whites, water and oats in a small sauce pan and turn heat to high.

Starting to boil… turn down the heat!

Step 2: Bring the ingredients to a boil stirring frequently (I use a fork) so that it doesn’t get burnt on the bottom then turn the heat to low and let simmer.

This is the thickness I like (about 12 minutes after its starts to boil), just adjust the time for how thick you want it and keep an eye on it.

Step 3: Simmer uncovered for 10 -15 mins stirring frequently until desired thickness is reached (you can also adjust the amount of water at the beginning to change the thickness)

Add the pumpkin 🙂

Step 4: turn the heat to medium and add the pureed pumpkin, stir vigorously to combine and wait until it comes back to a boil (the pumpkin will have cooled it down, this isn’t necessary, but I like it hot)

Add your toppings and dig in!

Step 5: Stir in the pumpkin pie spice (and some splenda/sugar/agave/whatever sweetener you use if you want it sweeter) while it is still in the pot. Scrape it all out into a bowl and top with the nuts and maple sugar/syrup.

Step 6: Enjoy what essentially tastes like pumpkin pie for breakfast which is just perfect in the fall!

Nutritionals:           Cals – 330     Carbs – 38 g     Fats – 8 g      Protein – 28 g


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