Progress pics and some Friday musings

Friday is here! Yay! I woke up this morning feeling pretty refreshed and as promised I took some progress pics. This is hard to do by yourself as my boyfriend was not around to help this morning. Here is a comparison shot from one week ago.

5 Weeks out

4 weeks out

The lighting is different so its hard to see the changes and I’m also not carbed up in this weeks photos, but I am leaner so moving in the right direction. Oh, and my legs look way smaller because I am carb depleted and not flexing… they will be more like the left for the show hopefully. Here are the rest of the shots.

I am about 16-17% body fat in these shots with about 114 lbs of lean mass. This is a maintainable weight for women without health consequences, anything lower than about 15% for more than a month and you may have some side effects that are not ideal. Most fitness or bikini competitors aim to be between 12 – 14% on the day of the show and figure girls are even lower than that, between 9 – 12%. This is for a short time and they gain weight back to a healthy range post show.

Side view 4 weeks out, stomach is really flattening out.

Trying to take a back shot 4 weeks out

Side shot posing

Goofing around… PIPES!

UFE Halloween Mayhem has all these categories, but I am competing in Fitness Model so I’m aiming for between 12 – 14%. With 4 weeks to go it will be hard but doable. I was just goofing around in the last one because I did arms yesterday and I noticed a difference.  

Onto the friday musings that the title alludes to.

Being friday I am naturally thinking about the weekend. My normal weekend is jammed with stuff because my boyfriend LOOOOVES to plan stuff which is awesome because we do so many amazing things. But it definitely keeps down time to a minimum. We also love to eat out at different restaurants… or I do anyways and he humours me :). But this weekend he is in Buffalo for a football game with the boys for most of the weekend so I am on my own. I can’t go to restaurants or out for drinks with friends like I would have a month ago to occupy my time. Even going to my parents house presents pit falls because I love my parent’s cooking which is almost always very healthy, but healthy and “diet” are not the same thing. So what to do?

Well I have made a gym date with my best friend for saturday instead of going for dinner or drinks, which can be so enjoyable with zero traps for the diet. I will go to my parents house, but I plan on bringing my own food in case what they are eating doesn’t fit the days prescribed diet. I plan on getting in some good me time with a book; I’m currently reading A Clash of Kings which is the sequel to A Game of Thrones. I’ll do a big batch of cooking to get lunches all set for the week, maybe clean my house and go for a walk around my area since I’m still in the process of exploring what’s around (without going into any of the cupcake shops including the gluten-free ones!).

This is in sharp contrast to what a friday would have looked like for me a few years ago. I would probably gone out for dinner with friends, then maybe a bar for a night of dancing and drinking and spent saturday on the couch eating popcorn with my roommates and watching an entire season of whatever series I was watching at the time. Maybe some grocery shopping or the gym on sunday if I wanted to. How times change.

I love my new lifestyle for the most part, but I do miss being able to choose what I really want on a menu or have a glass of wine. But a find those cravings are less and less as long as I am not put in that situation. Actually having a bottle of wine offered to me makes it pretty hard, so avoiding difficult situations is key… just for now. Once the competition is over I will allow myself to live more by the 80:20 rule which is that you are healthy and on track 80% of the time and you let yourself indulge (not OVERindulge) 20% of the time.

Tea and Dark Chocolate help me stick to my diet.

The funny thing is that there are not many things I want post-competition that I can’t have on my diet. I will probably have some Cadbury mini eggs which are my favourite candy, some wine or other type of alcohol and ice cream… from Marble Slab because it’s the best! But the foods I crave I am actually eating while on my diet; steak, sweet potatoes, chocolate (dark only), tea and coffee, peameal bacon are all part of the rotation. Making your diet enjoyable is one of the easiest ways to stick to it. Find things you love and find ways to incorporate them. You’ll be happier and healthier for it… I promise.


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