Tabata, you’re a crazy SOB

This morning I woke up at 5:09 am, also known as too-goddam-early, to get to the gym by 6 am.

Actually, let me digress here to tell you how I manage this, because it’s no easy feat to actually be ready to workout in the gym BY 6 am.

  1. I prepare all my food for the next day the night before sometimes including breakfast and put it in tupperware in the fridge and have a bag set out to put it in in the morning, no hassle.
  2. If I don’t have a pre-made breakfast I opt for something super simple, this morning was a protein shake consisting of: 1 c. almond milk (unsweetened), 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1/2 c. frozen raspberries and 1/2 tbsp. organic pure cocoa blended in my Magic Bullet – therefore I eliminate some mess.
  3. I shower at night and then after the gym, no morning showering.
  4. I choose my work clothes and put them in my bag (including work shoes) the night before.
  5. I get into my gym clothes as soon as I get up so I don’t have to change at the gym and sometimes have this as well as my running shoes laid out the night before.

Knowing that all I have to do if get up, get dressed, put the pre-made food in a bag, eat and go makes it a little more bearable to go. Plus, I trained with a trainer this morning, so I was accountable to someone and couldn’t just not show up. This is also key, if you can get a friend to meet you for morning workouts or have someone hold you accountable, you will be way more likely to go.

Ok, so I left my house at 5:37 (that’s right, less than 30 minutes from bed to out the door, boo-ya) and was actually at the gym in time to get in a 10 minute warm-up before hand. This was partially because the gym was freezing and walking on an incline slightly relieved the horrible cold. The trainer I am working with loves high intensity workout and training “like an athlete” which is awesome, but kind of hard to muster at too-goddam-ealy o’clock. Still, it’s makes you feel like a champion when you are done. This morning’s workout consisted of 4 rounds of Tabata training (crazy guy that he was) and 1 quick crossfit inspired WOD called Fran. FYI Tabata training consists of high intensity (all out) movements for 20 seconds, then 10 seconds rest repeated 8 times for a total of 4 minutes, which is one Tabata round. It went like this:

The too-goddam-early workout

Round one Tabata: Rowing… at level 9, I managed to get 870 meters in my 4 minutes

3 minutes walking to rest

Round two Tabata: Rowing… at level 9 again, I only managed to get 830 meters in my 4 minutes this time because my legs were on fire!

3 minutes walking to rest

Round three Tabata: Hill running… 6.0 mph at a 10% incline, I probably could have gone faster, but this was about the incline not the speed

2 minutes just standing on the treadmill while it’s still running

Round four Tabata: Hill running… 6.0 mph at a 11% incline for the first 4 sets, then 12% incline for the last 4. There is apparently a HUGE difference in the effort between 11% and 12%, because I was toast on 12%

3 minutes walking before giving a run down of what Fran is and demonstrating the form and such which probably took an additional 2 minutes

Fran WOD

21 “thusters” with 55 lbs, 21 chin-ups with a little jump – I still had to break in the middle of the chins even with the jump because it was damned hard

Repeat with 15 reps – broke the chins in 2, did 8, pause, 7

Repeat with 9 reps – did everything continuously

* Thrusters are kind of a half squat combined with a push press using an olympic bar, so you start holding the bar against your chest, elbows up, do a half squat and on the way up push the bar above your head, bringing it back to your shoulders as you squat again.


4 thoughts on “Tabata, you’re a crazy SOB

  1. GJ on finishing it! 4 tabata’s is a full workout in itself LOL. esp on the rowing ERG (the deadliest cardio machine in the gym by far). Adding Fran afterwards is way courageous of ya.

    BTW they’re called Thrusters and you do have to go a bit below parallel on your squat for full thrusters.

    • Lol good to know. I probably misheard my trainer over the blood pounding in my ears. I was doing what he told me for form. I was pretty dead from a previous leg workout so maybe he was just trying not to kill me by making it a half squat.

    • Thanks Lisa. It was so nice to meet you. It’s funny you mention my shoulders because I was talking to my boyfriend about your killer shoulders! Some mad shoulder respect happening! Congratulations. You looked amazing tonight. Hopefully we’ll run into each other again!

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