Sometimes you just need a massage

Here is a quick update on my last 3 days: they sucked. Ok that’s a VERY quick update. But really; I have been eating the most monotonous food ever and very few carbs while trying to maintain my workouts at a reasonable intensity when all I want to do is sleep.

Here is what a day’s eating is and will be again tomorrow – Thursday I get to start carbing up by adding 4 oz of sweet potato to each of the 4 meals that currently don’t have it already.

Meal 1 – 4egg whites

                4oz of sweet potato

                1 cup green beans

Meal 2 – 4-5oz of fish

               4oz of sweet potato

               6-8 asparagus spears

Meal 3 – 4oz of chicken breast

              1 cup of steamed green beans

Meal 4 – 5oz of fish

               6-8 asparagus spears

Meal 5 – 4oz of chichen breast

                1 cup of green beans

Meal 6 – 5oz of fish or chicken

               6-8 asparagus spears

               1tbsp of fish oil or 2 capsules

If that looks appealing to you there is something wrong with you. Now it hasn’t been too bad because I am allowed salt until tomorrow so the food at least tastes good. I did a lot of cooking because I didn’t feel like making chicken and fish constantly as you can see in the pictures.

Roasting veggies helps retain nutrients vs. steaming or boiling

My workouts have been very different. I am supposed to do 60 minutes of stair climbing at a slow speed (like 60 steps per minute) focusing on squeezing the muscles on each step. It’s not too bad but I am exhausted by the end of it and usually very bored. Today was an exception because Jamie Oliver was on the TV and he rocks.

Yesterdays was a leg circuit and today and tomorrow are both upper body circuits. These circuits are 3 rounds of 25 reps for all muscle groups with no big compound movements. After yesterday’s leg circuit I was finished, I could not do cardio, I tried for about 3 minutes and nearly cried (not joking) so I gave up since the leg workout was pretty hard. Sometimes you just need to accept what your body is telling you.

To semi make-up for the lack of cardio I walked to my Mani-Pedi appointment and back which is about 1.5 kms each way. So no, it doesn’t make up for it, but I felt better after. And my hands and feet now look fabulous for the stage.

Today I decided to do cardio first to make sure that I wouldn’t run into the same problem as yesterday and it worked. It was still hard, but I got through the whole 60 minutes. I then did my upper body circuit… and totally forgot to stretch! I always do cardio last so I stretch after cardio, but I messed with my routine! I was annoyed, but that’s life, at least I got in the full workout.

But the best thing that has happened today… I got a massage. I have had a headache for about 4 days now from a kink in my neck and while it’s not completely gone, I feel waaaaay better than I did. It also helped with the general stress and tension of this week. I am feeling much more positive, but still exhausted. 1 more day of workouts and low carb to go. The show is coming so soon and I’m extremely excited!

A sort of recipe for you.

Oh OH aaaaaand I totally forgot about this until I was going through photos, but before I was banned from protein powder (potential for bloating or something 😦 ) I was trying to improve the taste of straight espresso without adding milk (also banned) and so I made my protein shake and chucked in a doppio espresso from starbucks. Folks… it was stellar! If you like mocha’s you will like this, I promise, just ask them to add a little ice so its not warm.

That’s all for today!

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