Choosing happiness

Oh my god I have 2 days left before the competition!!!!! That is insane. I started carb loading today and actually got to have oats this morning (plain oats with egg whites, 1 splenda and cinnamon, but still 🙂 )  They were surprisingly sweet. I think my taste buds have adjusted to no sugar, so having high sugar things like honey, maple syrup and chocolate on the day of the competition will be interesting.

All the distilled water I have to drink today, plus a little bit for friday.

Today I have to drink 6-8 litres of water… challenge accepted! I am already past 2L and it’s 11 am. I got this! Tomorrow however, I am having as little water as possible 😦 That will be hard since I normally drink 3-4L of water per day.

Some of you may have noticed a slightly whiny note, perhaps verging on upset in my last few posts. I was not having a good time! This week has been really hard, let no one tell you that the peak week process is easy, because it sure as heck is not! My brain is not functioning properly at all and that is extremely upsetting, plus my body is just physically exhausted. I, however, got through my last workout yesterday (by employing the tips I talked about yesterday 🙂 ) and have not cheated even a little teensy bit on my diet. So I am pretty proud of myself!

In an attempt to get out of my slump I made a list in the post yesterday of the things I am excited about vs. worried about for the upcoming show. Writing those things down actually made me feel a lot better and it reminded me that you really can choose your mood (to some extent). I am still feeling underfed and my brain is still not working, but a couple of days ago I was just wishing the show would be over already so I could go feed my brain and body! Yesterday I thought to myself – I have worked for 10 months to get here… why in the world am I wishing it away?

I have made a decision to be excited, to be happy, to look forward to this show and own that stage. I might not win, I might not place, but I’ll be damned if I don’t enjoy every second I can of this process.

I met up with Norvic last night, the trainer that has been helping me through peak week, and ran through my walk and poses. He corrected a few things and reminded me to let my personality show on stage. I have to make the judges remember me. He also really helped my confidence by telling me 1) the water weight is coming off nicely 2) I am looking depleted enough and can start carb loading and 3) he thinks I will rock (as long as I remember to keep smiling, chest out, shoulders back, bum “perched” – his words).

As of right now, the meal after the show is no longer what I’m looking forward to. I am looking forward to the show itself and showing everyone that I have earned a spot on that stage. I am ready for Mayhem!


6 thoughts on “Choosing happiness

  1. Exciting stuff happening! When your wrote you have to “make the judges remember you,” I instantly thought of The Hunger Games. 😉 Have you read it??

  2. Good luck on your show, your dedication to getting fit is noble. It is not any easy journey but the few who have the guts to train for a show are rewarded with the fact that not many could even begin this type of training not to mention strict diet regimen. Good Luck!

  3. I feel your pain. I’m absolutely DONE with show season. But, the goal is worth all the effort – you worked your butt off to get there and deserve to step out onto that stage. You worked your hardest, and you’re putting your best effort on that stage. Even if you don’t place (which I’m sure you will), you should be proud of the work you’ve put in, and use the criticisms from the judges as motivation to come back bigger, badder, fitter, stronger at the next one. Because, you WILL do another – these shows are addictive!
    My fingers are still crossed xo

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