Waiting for the evening show

I have just had some steak and potato with butter for lunch (leftover from last night and am waiting around at the venue for the evening show because its pouring out and I don’t want to risk my tan! But the morning show went well I think. My category is huge! 26 girls all competing for the same prize. I think I look good but it’s all up to the judges.
I got to eat my mini eggs and wine though. That was exciting. I don’t even care if it worked. The wine definitely calmed me down. I was not too shaky on stage and my smile was big and genuine the whole time. I loved it.


I was pocahontas but unfortunately there was another native costume right beside me 😦 hers was more extravagant. But I think my abs stole the show! Everyone looked great but I have come to the conclusion that my abs are definitely my biggest asset because I actually have a six pack instead of just flat (which is just genetics- so thanks mom and dad).
I met some great girls who were also eating chocolate and drinking wine backstage. Bonding happened. A lot of girls doing there first show which is so exciting!

My aunt and best friend along with her boyfriend and of course my wonderful boy were all there cheering me on. My mom and hopefully sister will be there tonight. I’ll let you guys know the results as soon as possible. It will probably be on Facebook first so like the Facebook page on the side bar 🙂 love you guys!


3 thoughts on “Waiting for the evening show

  1. Girl!!!!! You look amazing. Great job and you should be proud. I’m taking a cue from you and 1. Working my ass off on my abs and 2. Bringing wine to my next show…calmer nerves would have definitely helped. Again, awesome job and I’m proud of you. Keep it up!

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