UFE Halloween Mayhem

Alrighty, where to start? It was such a busy and exciting day after so much work to get there. It’s crazy how you can prepare for something for so long (10 months in my case) and it all happens so quickly! I learned a lot about how the shows work and things I will and won’t do next time. But instead of doing this piecemeal, I’ll just take you through the whole day…ok?

make up and tan done, just the hair left for me to do

The day started at 5:30 am about 30 minute before my alarm was set. I tried to go back to sleep but was too excited. I started eating my first meal around 6 am… sweet potato mashed with butter and maple syrup. It was actually delicious, but what I was really looking forward to the wine and mini eggs before getting on stage. 🙂 I went down for my tan appointment for 6:45. Can I just tell you that the tanning process is VERY invasive. For some reason this didn’t bother me at all, possibly because I was stepping on stage in very small bikini anyways, so really who cares? Also, there were about 100 other girls doing the exact same thing, so no one really cared that I was naked.They also did my makeup for me because even though I LOVE doing my makeup and consider myself quite proficient at it, I have never done stage makeup before and wanted to make sure I would look good under all that lighting. I think they did a wonderful job, the lashes stayed on pretty well and nothing smudged. I looked fresh the whole day despite being exhausted by the end of it. They did exactly as I asked which was to make it very dramatic, but in all neutral and bronze colours as I wanted it to look good with both my silver/black bikini and my brown and beige Pocahontas costume. It was perfect.

I was back in my hotel room at about 8am and started doing my hair. It was really helpful to have had it blown out professionally the day before. My hair already had a lot of volume. A lot for me is not a lot for a normal person since even though I have a lot of hair, it is extremely straight and does not hold a curl well at all. I spent the next hour curling and back combing my hair to add volume.

I then packed up my bikini, costume, heels, mini eggs, wine, rice cakes, natural peanut butter, honey, water bottle, scissors, hair spray, bobby pins, comb, curling iron, lip gloss, bikini bite, towel, yoga mat (for lying down on in case I needed a rest), flip-flops, cutlery, cork screw, glass, bracelet and earings into my laundry basket and packed left at 9:10 for the venue.

Unfortunately it was raining cats and dogs outside so I covered my hair up with the towel I packed and ran for inside, but my hair still fell a bit so out came the comb and hair spray! After a quick touch up all was well. The venue was at a college theatre and had a pretty good backstage set up, though the mirrors were pretty small. There was no one other than competitors and UFE staff allowed backstage, so you are basically forced to mingle with the other competitors. It makes for a really nice atmosphere and no one really feels too left out.

I met some great girls who I will keep in touch with hopefully. There was even some exchanging of tips for diet, recipes, blog sites, and how to make your butt that little bit perkier. 😉 Thre was even another CA in the line up who also went to Ivey School of Business (my alma matter), a girl in big pharma, and 2 others who went to Western (the university that I went to). Small world! It’s always nice to meet other career oriented young women who are putting fitness/health first!

After being briefed on the process for the day by the organizers it was a bit of a hurry up and wait situation. I wanted to eat my chocolate and have my wine about 30 minutes before I went on stage, but timing was pretty hard, so I ended up jumping the gun a bit and had it about an hour before. Oh well, I still had a pretty good pump. I had some fun pumping up with the other girls. I did a lot of dumbbell lateral raises, bicep curls and rear delt raises to make my arms and back come up a bit.

I had some glaze put on me to deepen and even out my tan from any blotches that had occurred between the application and the time we were going on stage. I also glued (with bikini bite) my bottoms to my bum. It feels weird, but it makes sure that nothing moves when you are striking a pose on stage!

I was so nervous to be getting on stage! I was shaking like a leaf, but my nerves were blunted a bit by the wine. I also started a mini dance party with some of the girls while we were waiting to go on stage in order to get some smiles going, keep our pump and disspell some nerves. It’s hard to be nervous when you are dancing 🙂 It was the bikini round first and I was 3rd in the line up.

I walked out with a huge smile and as much confidence as I could muster. Hit the points on my T walk, strike a few poses as each point and went back to stand in the line up. Once all the girls were out we were called up to the front of the stage for quarter turns so the judges can get a good comparison. Then we go back to the basement. It was a quick change and we had to go back onstage. In this organization the fitness model category has 2 rounds: bikini and costume (or sportswear when it’s not the halloween show). Some quick touch ups back stage, get into costume and back up to do the same thing in outfit #2.

The morning show ended and I was able to get changed and head out to see my friends, aunt and boyfriend who had come to watch. We talked for a bit and then they had to go. It was about 2pm at that point. It was still POURING! Not good for my tan but I needed some food, thankfully I had brought the leftover steak that I had the night before. So I ate that with some butter from the Tim Horton’s at the school, while Andre ate a muffin and some timbits. I had a couple which gave me a little tummy ache from the gluten, but nothing too terrible. Then Andre and I goofed around taking some pictures, but there was still a couple of hours to go before the night show. We found a bench and I passed out for a little while which felt great as I couldn’t sleep much the night before.

Finally it was time to go back down to the basement and get ready for the evening show. It was pretty much the same process as the morning except that the costume and bikini rounds were reversed, so I won’t bore you with the details. The only difference what that there were the awards at the end.

I don’t think they really thought the awards ceremony through because they had all the girls in high heels come on first and then we had to stand on stage while they went through everyone’s awards. My feet were KILLING by the end. If you have liked my Facebook page you will have already seen the top ten line up.

I mentioned yesterday that I didn’t place so that’s not news. The top to line up didn’t have much consistency and I asked the judges what the were looking for, but there wasn’t much they could tell me. So I will just accept that I really liked what I brought to the stage and am happy with how I did regardless of what the judges results were.

No matter what though, it is still really hard to hear that your best effort doesn’t even make the cut 😦 I was really disappointed, but that’s the nature of the beast when you stand up and submit yourself to someone elses judgement of your body.

After the competition Andre and I went out for extremely cheesy nachos, some chicken wings and a swedish berry cocktail or 2 😉 it hit the spot. I was stuffed, but because there was not gluten I didn’t feel sick. We got back to the hotel around 1am and I finally got to shower off all the awful tan. I’m glad it was a hotel shower instead of my own, because I had to lather up about 3 times before it all came off. Even so, I’m a little orangeish today according to my boyfriend. He lovingly referred to me as “tangerine”… I was unimpressed.

I learned a lot and had a few emotional realizations which I will write about at a later point because this post is getting looooooong. Thanks for all your support!


9 thoughts on “UFE Halloween Mayhem

    • I haven’t decided yet. There were some serious emotions after this one so I need to let it settle first and then ill think about what I want to do. And thanks! Dehydrating yourself apparently does wonders! Lol

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