I’m featured on transformation pics today!!

This wonderful blog just did a feature on me. So much fun to be able to share my story with more people!


My Stats:

Starting weight as of January 2, 2012 ā€“ 145 lbs

Current/contest weight as of October 28, 2012 ā€“ 133 lbs

My Story:

I was 16 when I started weight training. I was lucky enough to go to a school that offered a co-ed weight training course, and I was competitive enough to want to show the guys at the school how strong a girl can be! Back then I am proud to say I got to the point where I could do the following:

Bench Press: 115 lbs 6RM

Squat: 155 lbs 6RM (extremely strict form)

Pronated pull ups from a dead hang: 3

Dips: 23 (slow and controlled)

Not bad for a 16 year old who had only been training for 4 months! That class taught me the basics of the weight room and mostly correct form, though the teacher refused to modify squats for girls. Iā€¦

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