Gym pet peeves

Just a quick post as its 1 am and I can’t sleep… Possibly because I finally received my first order of paleo kits and consumed far too much of the absolutely delicious paleo krunch cinnamon swirl flavor. Yup definitely the reason I can’t sleep. Review will come once I’ve tried more because I ordered a sampler pack 🙂
So instead I will tell you some of my gym pet peeves… We all have them. Here are my top 5.

  1. People who refuse to let me/people work in to their sets. Unless you can explain to me that you are taking specific rest periods and I see that you are timing this, there is no need for you to sit on that machine between sets. Let other people do there workout too!
  2. Females performing one arm rows with a 2lb dumbbell. Sadly I have seen this. That is not doing anything! Your purse weighs more than that so how on earth is that going to “tone” anything, let alone make you bulk up! At least use a 5 lb weight. I will not feel the need to explain the function of testosterone on muscle building if your weight is not pink.
  3. People who give me dirty looks when I grunt during compound moves. I know that grunting is a huge pet peeve of some people’s and I’m sorry, but sometimes I need to grunt to get those last 2 deadlifts out. Why? Because if I don’t grunt I will hold my breath which is bad! Have you tried to hold your breath and grunt? It doesn’t work! Also there has been lots of evidence that vocalizing an action increases power which is why it’s used in martial arts 🙂
  4. When the same machine/equipment has been out of order in the gym for months! My gym membership is way too high for them to justify this. I pay for the use of the facilities to workout out… Please supply that service.
  5. Watching people with terrible form. I actually cringe when I see people swinging 40lb dumbbells up, arching their back, and using momentum just to pound out 5 more reps. They are risking injury and are not getting the most bang for their gym-time buck. Slow, controlled movements will impact the muscle much more without the risk o injury. I think this one bothers me so much because I’ve injured myself enough to want to help everyone avoid it if possible. I resist the urge to explain this to people… But please don’t do this. I care about you! Don’t injure yourself! Lift less weight with good form and I promise you will see results.

What are your pet peeves in the gym?


10 thoughts on “Gym pet peeves

  1. The form part KILLS me. Especially when a trainer lets their client get away with it (hello, they’re paying you to show them how to do it correctly!!) I can’t count the number of times I’ve wanted to walk up to someone and tell them that they are accomplishing nothing – except increasing their risk of injury – when their form is horrendous.

  2. #2 drives me effing NUTS…especially when these chicks are clearly not in shape. I wanna be like, here, take my 25 lbs…you’ll thank me later. But I’m totally guilty of #1…oops 😦

  3. Other then some that you gave stated… A couple of mine are, not wiping done the machines, not re-racking the weights and unnecessarily slaking the weights after a set

  4. It bugs me to see someone having bad form/doing an exercise totally wrong. Don’t they know they can hurt themselves that way? I also get annoyed with people who bring their cell phones into the fitness area and proceed to take phone calls, send texts, etc. while working out. You should be completely focused on your workout, folks!

  5. Agreed on the grunting 🙂 Though, there are two viewpoints to holding your breathe during the lift. Powerlifters and Olympic lifters generally will hold their breathe as it helps activate your core, allowing more weight to be moved on heavier lifts, however, from a health perspective holding your breathe also spikes your blood pressure which could lead to other issues… I prefer to hold 🙂

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