Day 3 – 21 Day Sugar Detox

Day 3 of a detox is always the worst for me. My body hasn’t quite figured out what I’m doing yet and it’s pretty much out of steam from how I was eating before. My energy levels were all kinds of wacky today. I’d go from being super energized to completely lethargic within 30 minutes. I also over-ate AGAIN today. My body is really craving the quick energy of carbs, especially because I’m tired. So when I have a craving I eat something else. Unfortunately that something else tends to be nuts, nut butters or cheeses. I really need to start choosing veggies instead at least some of the time.

Part of the reason I hadn’t been choosing veggies is because I had very few of them in the house… but I went grocery shopping tonight and now have loads of veggies… seriously loads. I didn’t buy a single meat product, but my grocery bill came to the exact same as it does when I buy meat… and I normally buy a lot of meat. I think this had to do with a few new items I purchased 🙂

Items like these awesome nut butters. Ignore the cashew butter which I bought and then realized cashews are off limits… it will be for after the detox.

Also these pecans, walnuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds.

The day’s food went like this:

Breakfast – Banana, kale and coconut milk smoothie with 3 strips of bacon plus coffee and coconut milk

Lunch – Leftover Stew from Day 1

Snacks – 2 eggs, small chicken breast and 1 yellow bell pepper

Craving killers – walnuts, pecans and a couple chunks of cheese

Dinner – leftover pork, beets, and sautéed asparagus with bacon bits

Hopefully my body will sort itself out by tomorrow. For now I’m watching Brave and I’ll be going to sleep early.


4 thoughts on “Day 3 – 21 Day Sugar Detox

  1. I HAVE to try cashew butter! It sounds sooo good. I’m just afraid I’ll love it so much, and it’s definitely not cheap!

    • It’s the first time I’ve cooked them but they turned out tasty. I rinsed them off, drizzled them with olive oil, wrapped each separately in tinfoil and stuck them in a 400* oven for about 1.5 hours. Then I peeled them. You are supposed to be able to “rub the skin off” but I had to peel them which was hard when they are hot. Then chopped them up and served. Mine were really big so smaller ones will take a lot less time. Tonight I tossed them in a skillet to reheat them and it was very yummy. Hope that helps 🙂

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