Liebster Award

Guess what? Someone likes my blog!

Ok, I recognize that probably more than 1 person likes my blog, but what’s awesome is that Cassye over at 43Fitness likes my blog enough to give me the Liebster Award! I am oh so flattered.

A little bit about my awarder (not a word, don’t care) – 43Fitness is similar to my blog in that it is mostly about fitness and food with a little life sprinkled in. I love her way of presenting things so that you can almost hear the energy and perkiness that she must have in real life. She is also relatively new to the blogging world and you can tell she loves it as much as I do! She shares her story of transformation from the perspective of a mom which I love, because even though I’m not there now, I will be some day.

A little bit about the award – Cassye sent me a condensed version of the award as follows:

The Liebster Award is usually given to up-and-coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. “Liebster” is a German word meaning “dearest” or “beloved”. It’s basically given to spread the word that – hey, there is the new blog up that I have found and love… so go check it out! In order to accept this award, I’m required to do the following 3 things (which have been condensed):

  • Write two things about myself that are true and one thing that is a lie and then you (the readers) have to guess which one is the lie.
  • Choose 10 people to award, send them a link to my post, and go to their page and tell them.
  • No Tag Backs

The original award requires you to answer 11 questions that the awarder asks of you… I’m going to go somewhere in between for the people I award it to and ask 3 questions. I’ll also answer those questions just so it’s fair.

So let’s start with…


  1. My childhood cat was eaten by a fox 😦
  2. I have an allergy to mangoes… delicious mangoes
  3. I have a tattoo of a rose (to go with my name) designed by my sister

Which one is false? Guesses go in the comments!


1. Why did you start a blog?

I basically started this blog because I found myself talking the ears off of anyone who happened to even touch on the topic of food or fitness. Instead of forcing this on people I decided to write it in a blog and they could choose to read or not, without the guilt of just walking away from a conversation 😉

2. If you were a food, what would you be? (and why?)

I would be creme brulee (partially because it’s my favourite dessert) because it has a hard crust of sugar on the outside, which is sweet but tough. This is definitely the “me” I present to the world. A little girly, definitely nice and sweet, but not someone to be trifled with. But when you break through that hard sugar, there is a subtle sweet cream on the inside. I’m not really as tough as I seem and have a softer (creamier?) side that takes a little work to break through to.

3. If you could start all over in life, would you change anything?

Certainly not! Are there things I regret? Absolutely! Would I change them? NO. I firmly believe that what happens, either good or bad, is the cause for everything else in life. If I went back and changed that one thing… who knows what horrible things would replace it. Plus I really like where my life is now and I wouldn’t want a change in my past to affect my present. Now if the rules were the everything stayed the same EXCEPT that thing you changed, that might be a different story!


  1. Figure911 – A working girl’s guide to keeping fit (she doesn’t really fall anywhere near below 200 followers, but she is one is my absolute favourite bloggers, so I’m breaking the rules)
  2. The Believe Blog – The best Dee can be, all about an awesome girls fitness transformation
  3. Uberbeastmode – A married man’s take on fitness and fitting it into life
  4. Jen’s Fit Journey – A co-competitor of mine who blogs about cheat meals almost as much as I do 😉
  5. Girl Gone Good – She’s doing a paleo experiment right now and we are going back and forth comparing the paleo and sugar detox results… loving it!
  6. Fit Butt Fabulous – Running, Workouts, Yoga and Recipes… what more can you ask for?
  7. Fitness and Frozen Grapes – Again breaking the rules a bit on the 200 followers limit, but I love this blog – I am super envious of the food photography skills and the NYC lifestyle
  8. LisaCookies – The only non-fitness blog, the absolute BEST cookies… seriously
  9. Primal Competitor – So I need to just stop stating that I’m breaking the 200 followers rule, but seriously. This blog is fantabulous. All about training for a fitness competition while eating a paleo diet with a few rants thrown in there
  10. Fitness with Moetion – Some really great health and fitness info on this blog, I love the more information centric vibe

Apparently I’m entirely single-minded and only follow blogs that are fitness related. So if you are looking for fitness related blog (or stellar cookies) go check them out!

Congratulations! Now it’s your turn.

If you choose to accept this mission, you will answer the 3 questions I asked and choose 10 people to award, send them a link to your post, and go to their page and tell them. I know it will take you some time, but I hope you decide to partake in the adventure!

Did you figure out the lie yet?


17 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Hey thanks for the nomination! You have a great blog and are well deserving of it. I’ve actually done this a couple times before (or at least very similar) so I’m going to pass on doing it again, I know I suck, sorry! But I really do appreciate that you like my blog and love that we share our passion for fitness. I’ll definitely be checking out the others you mentioned.

    As for the lie. Well the fox thing seems like the most made up one by far, almost so made up that it has to be true! (Although I hope it’s not, that sounds traumatic!) So I’m going to go with the tattoo. 🙂

  2. Just wanna say thank you for the recognition, I feel honored that you like what I got to say!! I will accept the mission, I will just have to get it done in the next couple days.. As far as your lie I’m going with being allergic to mangoes..

  3. Thanks for the nomination, Rose, and congrats on the award! It’s no secret your blog is great, so you definitely deserve the award. 🙂 PS – I had creme brulee for Thanksgiving dessert last night. So good.

    • I am actually allergic to mangoes! It’s a sad fact because they are delicious. My sister is also allergic to them so at least I have someone to lament with.And you are very welcome 🙂 Thanks again for the nomination!

  4. Thanks, Rose! BTW…I don’t have more than 200 followers, that number on my blog automatically includes my FB friends.
    The return task is a big one – I’ll try my best to get around to responding, but I’m having trouble fitting in my own blog posts at the moment with all the work I have on.
    So sweet of you to mention me xo

    • Oh, well your blog is super awesome so more people should know! And you are very welcome 🙂 I totally understand being time crunched, so if you don’t have time don’t worry. I’m just happy to spread the love.

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