Things I should learn to remember about myself

1 – I don’t do well when I give myself to green light to have a large quantity of something (unless it’s greens)

2 – Gluten is really quite horrible for me

3 – I do best with wishy washy diet ideas but a solid goal

Why do these things matter? Well they matter because I’m not doing so well on the 21DSD and I know exactly why.

When I was in competition mode I would treat myself occasionally, but my portions were under control. I had a solid goal that could not be compromised. I knew what I needed to do. On this 21DSD there is no goal. Well there is, but it’s a wishy washy goal of improving your health. To accompany this wishy washy goal you have very strict diet guidelines. Wait a sec… see #3 above? I do well with the opposite. So what has happened?

Well on the 21DSD they assume that you will listen to your body when it gets full. That’s great! I would if I could, but I have never had this feeling of “full” that most people get. No no, I have 3 feelings related to hunger 1) hungry  2) not necessarily hungry but food is tasty and 3) bloating and hurting because I ate so much that my stomach is expanding past its normal capacity.

I’m serious. And no this isn’t something I “did” to destroy my full reflex. I have been this way forever. Let’s take a look back at my childhood. I was a really fit kid. Like weird kiddy six-pack happening. I had no excess fat on my at all, but I could eat as much as my father (who also doesn’t seem to have a full feeling). My mom used to jokingly say I had a hollow leg because she couldn’t understand where all the food went! Having said that, I was eating really good food. My Mom and Dad are both awesome cooks and make great healthful meals like roasted chicken and veggies, steak and salad. I was eating green beans (and enjoying them) at 8 and salad probably started around 10. But at puberty I did gain a little weight as I talked about in The Whole Story. Not much, but enough to start a struggle with body image.

So we’ve established that I have always been able to pack away the food like nobodies business. Great. So dieting should be super hard for me right? Well no, not really. I just portion everything I eat before hand and don’t go back for more. I have to rely on visual, measured or weighed portion control and not my own body. I’m not broken, that’s just the way I am. And like I said… I have a “not really hungry” stage, so I’m not always looking to eat. The problem is when I am eating, I don’t want to stop.

Ok, 21DSD comes along…

Internal Dialogue

Pre 21DSD – Hey, this looks like a great way to stop my sugar habit I’m developing! Oh look… you can have as much of these food in the “yes” column as you want. They don’t want you to measure things, you should listen to your body, other wishy washy thing… sounds great! I should totally do this!

Week 1 – This is going really well! I’m cutting back a lot on sweets and eating bacon… mmmmmm bacon! I should probably cut back on the whole stuffing my face with nuts thing though… oh well.

Week 2 – Hmmm, muscles aren’t recovering very well, let’s add back protein powder.. hey that might help with the nut issue!

Today – Ok so we seem fine during the day when our access to food is limited but at night? We (royal we) become a crazy nut and cheese eating machine! This is not good… we need to stop 😦

So I’m ending my 21DSD journey. BUT I did learn some great things like my body feels way better sans grains/gluten, I picked up some great new recipes, and I actually achieved my #1 goal in taking this sugar detox on. I am no longer going for the high sugar content items! Yay!

I’m going to set some real measurable (SMART) goals for myself today and I’ll post about them tomorrow. Then I will use portion control and the diet principles I know work for me with maybe fewer grains in the mix to achieve those.

Please do not let me discourage you from trying this though. My boyfriend, even though he probably doesn’t realize it has had fabulous results and has made his body much more sensitive to sugar which HOPEFULLY he will maintain.


3 thoughts on “Things I should learn to remember about myself

  1. Haha you and me both. Coming down off competition mode has been so hard, and I’m not close enough to the next one to really keep myself in line. Keep it up, though, you look great and you don’t give yourself nearly enough credit. You’re killing it in the gym and doing great things for yourself! Love ya Chica! -Camilla

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