Nikon Porn

Nikon Porn (Photo credit: dawvon)

I just bought the Nikon D3200 with my boyfriend. The battery is currently charging, so no pictures yet, but I am soooo excited to start using it! This is basically our major gift to each other for christmas. We got a great deal on the camera body, 18-55 mm lens and 55-300 mm lens. I can’t wait to learn how to use it and start taking better photos (especially of food… sorry guys).

That’s it for now… just had to share!

What kind of camera do you use? What is you favourite thing to photograph?


5 thoughts on “CAMERA!!!

  1. I’ve been wanting a good camera FOREVER to get good pics for TGIPaleo…sometimes it’s hard to make something like chili or meatloaf look appetizing 😦

    So jealous! Great gift idea too!

  2. Wow, so exciting! I have a Cannon PowerShot SX130, which I use for food photos, and I use my iPhone camera for “action” shots because I never carry around my Cannon. 😉

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