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Today I realized that over the years of being involved with fitness and dieting and healthy lifestyles I have become somewhat addicted to research and motivation. This is especially apparent on the web. I have a whole host of websites I frequent either daily or at least weekly. These include blogs that I might have found through WordPress, other blogs that I have randomly stumbled across by like minded individuals, food sites, workout sites and fitness forums. I also have a collection of books and magazines that I turn to for motivation, inspiration and of course instruction.

I love this stuff! My boyfriend can vouch that way too many of my conversations revolve around what I heard or read today about fitness and health; I’m sorry and thank you for listening. But it occurred to me that even though I do this stuff non-stop, most people probably don’t know where to look for advice.

So here is a list of websites and resources I use ALL THE TIME! Check them out and let me know what resources you use and love too!

Websites – this is one of the best sites EVER, if you only use one resource, use this one because it has everything. The forum has just about every topic you could ever be curious about already there, discussed and laid out for you. When I was reacquainting myself with nutrition, macronutrients and how to structure a diet I start with their “sticky” on calories and macros. They also have so many resources to help you tailor workouts for your goals, get you started with a diet, teach you correct form for exercises. And yes they do sell supplements, but the site is SO MUCH MORE than that, and they really do not push the selling side of the business in your face if you are trying to use the other parts of the site.

Oxygen Magazine Online – don’t want to buy the magazine? ok, go to their website. They don’t put everything up there for free, but a lot of the workouts, recipes and diet tips are there, plus some really awesome videos of their cover girls. I love watching these and hearing the different approaches to living a fit lifestyle. I use this site for clean eating recipe inspirations too

Facebook and Twitter – Ok this is a bit of a cop out, but I “like” pretty much every website, supplement, athlete, or store I frequent so that updates and random motivation show up in my daily news feed. With Facebook you can now add pages you like to a specific feed so that its all in one place if you don’t want tonnes of health stuff cluttering up your news feed and want to keep it more for updates from friends (personally I like the health clutter, but it’s a neat option)

Chowstalker – recipes galore, all grain free, most are 100% paleo but can be modified to include ingredients like real milk if you swing that way

Blogs and People I love

Mark’s Daily Apple – Mark Sisson – Part blog, part website, part forum. Whatever you want to classify it as I like it. I like his approach to health. He accepts that you aren’t perfect but encourages you to make healthier choices. He should you the spectrum of choices available, gives you the info for all the levels of the spectrum and let’s you choose! Awesome. Technically he’s kind of a paleo diet type person, but he accepts that people are different and doesn’t preach that no one should drink milk, and beans are terrible for you. He just gives you the info and let’s you make up your own mind… he also tell you how to make these “less than ideal” choices the healthiest they can be, like fermenting the beans first or buying whole fat milk etc. Very cool.

Tosca Reno

Tosca Reno

Tosca Reno – Owner of RKP publishing which published Oxygen Magazine among others, author of the Eat Clean Diet books, Bikini Grandmaster champion and overall awesome woman. She has a lot of different social media outlets, but her blog is one I really like. It’s kind of puts the highlight real in one place and might link you to other cool blogs (like He and She Eat Clean) or recipes from the Clean Eating website or just talk about the fact that she hates “peak week” and shares the more human side of her. Love, LOVE, LOOOOOOOOVE!

Figure911Lisa MoskalukWicked figure competitors whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. She tells it like it is and I love her workouts, even the ones that are craaaazy (which is all of them btw).

Erin Stern – She’s right at the top of her game with Nicole Wilkin’s and her battling it out, but I like Erin because she really interacts with her fans. Her facebook is always being updated with videos or workouts, not just links or random pictures. She is great!

Jamie Eason – While she’s emphasized religion a bit much for my taste she is so real! She talks about her choices and fluctuating diet and weight and admits her shortfalls (while being cue as a button the whole time). She’s the main spokesmodel for and was featured in Oxygen Magazine all the time.

Books and stuff

The Eat Clean Diet – all the books are great as well as the cookbooks, take it with a grain of salt and know that it’s not supposed to be a rigid diet, but a lifestyle.

Jamie Oliver’s Cookbooks – I love his cookbooks and usually just modify the recipes a little to make them a bit healthier. His way of roasting meat is THE BEST!

Oxygen Magazine – I read these on my way to work or while doing steady state cardio… so good, I really need to subscribe instead of buying them every month.


3 thoughts on “Resource Share

  1. Thanks for the links! I’m like you – love researching and finding new ways to motivate myself (your blog for sure included!)

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