Working out at home

Well today was great. I started it out with a leg workout at home. Now some of you may be skeptical… I know I am of at home leg workouts, but this was pretty good. Nothing like what I would have achieved in the gym, but I definitely accomplished a good burn in the glute zone. Mission accomplished!

The pretty-darn-great at-home leg workout

The aim of these exercises is to get that butt a little higher!

The aim of these exercises is to get that butt a little higher!

I used 2 25lb dumbbells, a yoga mat and the side of a bench (feel free to use a couch or kitchen chair or whatever is handy) for equipment. I did a quick warmup of dynamic stretches and some bodyweight full squats. FYI full squats mean yous but should be almost touching the floor. AKA Grok squat , then perform 3 sets of each of the following trisets (trisets are the same as supersets but do 3 exercises back-to-back before taking rest).

Triset #1
– Squats holding dumbbells x10
– Walking lunges to the end of my hall and back which is 16 total
– Bulgarian split squats x12 each leg

Triset #2
– Single leg glute bridges x12 each leg
– Alternating “supermans” (lie on your stomach arms extended above your head and lift your opposite leg and arm as high as possible focusing on squeezing your glute) x10 each side
– Glute bridges with a 25 lb dumbbell over hips x12
Stretch and get ready for the day 🙂
On another note, I got my stage photos from my competitions and looks how awesome these are… there are a lot more which I’m putting up on my facebook page… which you should go and like!
In the group shots that I got I could really tell what the judges were looking at… my glutes need to be higher when I’m posing and I need to push my upper body forwards more especially in the side pose. Also, it confirmed that I was more muscular than most of the girls in the group. It has reaffirmed for me that my next show should be in the figure category. I am looking at doing a show May 25th 2013 and if I qualify, doing the next level up on June 1st at the Toronto Pro Supershow… good plan? Yes I think it is!
So that is my ultimate goal right now and gives me a good timeline. I must not get fat over christmas, but I can definitely relax a little until; the new year.
Any thoughts on the plan? Anyone else doing a show in that time frame?

3 thoughts on “Working out at home

    • Thank you! I am so used to having access to squat racks and really havy weights that I have a hard time thinking at home workouts will be as effective… but I’m definitely sore today. So win! Obviously you’ve had great success with the at-home workouts, so maybe I’ll incorporate more in my plan.

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