Goals are just dreams with deadlines

One of the fit chicks I follow on twitter – @StephPaplinskie posted this photo from pinterest today and I loved it! It’s so true!Dreams

Every single goal I have (that I am not forced to make through work or something) starts out as a far flung dream. I dreamed one day that I would compete in a figure competition – check. I dreamed of writing a blog about fitness – check. I dreamed about making delicious fudge – check… does that last one count as a goal?

What differentiates a dream from a goal is the plan. You have to have a time line and an action plan if you ever want to achieve you goals. Last year I set my goals for the fitness competition up and I saw myself slowly but surely move in the right direction. This year is no different. With christmas coming up I am cutting myself some (probably too much) slack with my diet, but my exercise it still mostly on track. Nonetheless, New Year’s resolutions will come shortly after the Christmas feasting and I will partake in these declarations of resolve.

I normally don’t put much stock into New Year’s resolutions because I firmly believe that if you want something you should start now, not 3 weeks from now. BUT it coincides nicely with post christmas weight gain AND it works with the timeline for my goals this year!

Wait… what goals are these?

Oh haven’t I told you? I have decided what I’m doing for my fitness goals this year and they are (dun dun dun)

  1. Compete in The GNC Stephanie Worsfold Natural in London Ontario on May 25, 2013
  2. a) if I qualify at the London event – compete in The GNC Toronto Pro SuperShow on June 1, 2013 (the provincial show) or b) if I don’t qualify at the London event – compete in the Oxygen Model Search at the Toronto Pro SuperShow on June 1, 2013
  3. Rune a 5km race in July 2013 – specific race TBD
  4. Race in the Toronto Super Spartan (8 miles, 20+ obstacles) in July 2013 with my boyfriend

My favourite part about this plan is that regardless of whether I place at the regional OPA event in London, I will compete in a competition the following week in Toronto. I will also be making a dream board about the journey and some milestones that I have. To give you guys (especially those of you who are thinking about competing yourselves) a rough idea of what my plan is to get ready for the figure competition… here you go.

My overall goal in the ‘off-season” is to stay about 8 – 12 pounds away from my contest weight which will change as I try to ass muscle.

January – February

Weight goal – stay in the 8-12 pounds from contest weight range, while trading some fat for muscle.

Training – Workout legs (specifically the posterior chain of hamstrings, glutes, lower back) at least 2 times per week, upper body 1-2 times per week and use running as my main source of cardio in order to train for the races 3-4 times per week.

Nutrition – Eat 5-6 meals per day, completely eliminate gluten and maintain balance of moderate carbs, moderate fat and high protein. Use BCAAs and carnitine before and during workouts, glutamine and protein powder with a simple carb (like fruit) directly after all workouts. 1-2 cheat meals per week and limit sugar intake.


Weight goal – Lose between 1-2 pounds per week depending on how far I am from my contest weight at the beginning of the month

Training – Continue training legs heavy 2 times per week, increase upper body to 2 times per week split between push and pull muscles, train cardio 4-5 times per week 30-45 minutes per session with at least 2 sessions running and use HIITs for at least 2 sessions.

Nutrition – Continue with the same nutrition plan as before but limit cheat meals to 1 per week start tracking macronutrients and calories. Modify calories and macros based on whether I am hitting my weight targets. Continue same supplementation as above.

April (AKA 8 weeks out)

Weight goal – Lose between 1-2 pounds per week depending on how far I am from my contest weight at the beginning of the month, same as above.

Training – Train legs 2-3 times per week but increase the volume of work and incorporate circuits alternating 1 heavy leg day and 1 high volume leg day. Train upper body body to 2 times per week split between push and pull muscles as above but train in a circuit to increase cardio. Train cardio 5 times per week 3o minutes on circuit days, 60 minutes on non-circuit or rest days.

Nutrition – Continue to eat 5-6 meals per day. Evaluate nutrition based on weight loss progress at this point and restrict calories as needed, maintain high protein. Eliminate use of BCAAs during upper body and cardio workouts (only use for leg workouts).

May (AKA final month)

Weight goal – Lose 1 pound per week up to peak week

Training – Same as above, but modify cardio as needed depending on weight loss (i.e. increase to 6 times per week, longer sessions etc.).

Nutrition – Continue with the same nutrition plan as in April, but evaluate whether carb cycling or carb restriction is necessary, start to reduce carbs as peak week approaches. No use of BCAAs during workouts.

Hopefully I can look like this by about 2 weeks out and surpass it by the time I compete.


I will post what my monthly plans are each month in more detail as I tend to change things as I see how my body reacts. If you have any questions or want to chat you can reach me by commenting, or through facebook


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