Why I <3 back day

Listen to me… please, just listen. Nothing makes you stand out more than having a strong back and shoulders.

Do you know why?

I’ll tell you my theory… it’s because you can’t see your own back… but other people can. If you develop your back well it shows that you are not a meat head who is only working mirror muscles and you take your training seriously.

Personally, I find a well developed back on a man to be extremely attractive. V-taper, definition and all the fun ripply stuff that happens as they move just makes my insides go all wriggly (TMI?). AND I’m pretty sure I’m not the only woman alive to feel this way… so men, take note.

For women though, it’s one of the few areas we can get totally shredded without having 4% body fat and/or taking steroids. We don’t naturally carry a lot of fat on our backs and they aren’t inconveniently covered by mammories which also require clothing to cover that area. Our abs can be developed, but that’s strictly diet and genetics. Get lean enough with good genes and you’ll have a 6-pack; more than 12% body fat… no 6-pack for you! But your back can look ripped all year round!DSC_5715

I think I’ve mentioned it before that I get compliments disproportionately on back days vs. every other day. Monday was no different, I was doing pull ups and had a guy comment that I was strong, and then I was doing reverse flyes and got a pair of guys asking if I was an athlete. This sometimes happens on leg days, and almost never happens on “push” days and absolutely never happens during cardio… no one seems to find my sweat inducing 70 step per minute step mill workout impressive. Go figure.

So what I am trying to say is TRAIN YOUR BACK!… you may not see it, but everyone else does and there is just something empowering about back exercises. I mean, who doesn’t want to be able to pull their own body weight over a bar?

If the whole vanity thing wasn’t enough, there is of course the fact that training you back muscles dramatically reduces you risk of back injury, improves back pain and corrects back posture… but everyone waxes poetic about that stuff, so I’ll just stick to the fact that back and shoulder muscles are HOT!

So here is a workout for you to get a super hot rear view… and I’m not talking butts for once people 😉

Exercise Sets Reps Weight (what I used… use your judgement)
Chin ups (hands facing your body) 3 As many as you can, or 10 if you are using a machine to assist you Bodyweight, or enough machine resistance that you can do 10
Rear delt flye machine 3 10 85 lbs
One arm dumbbell rows 3 10 each arm 45 lbs
Seated rear delt flyes with dumbbells 3 12 15-20 lbs
Dumbbells bicep curls 3 10 20 lbs
Lateral deltoid raises 3 12 15 lbs

9 thoughts on “Why I <3 back day

  1. I agree, and I most definitely notice a great back on a woman! I actually hate that I can’t really see my back, I want to see what kind of progress I’m making! So I just have to trust in my wife’s reactions. 🙂 I like chest day myself the most, but probably because it’s what I’m naturally the strongest at. I think we all tend to like what we are good it.

    • The reactions are the best way to gauge progress in my opinion! And I definitely agree with you. I know my back responds well to training so I love training it. Everyone has their favourite part to train and I think what your body naturally develops well is usually your favourite.

    • Thanks! It’s funny how the things you notice first change with your world view… like a swimmer would probably notice shoulders first, a pianist probably thinks slender fingers are da bomb, and a volleyball player probably notices height before anything else.

  2. I thought I was the only female who finds a big ripped up back on a guy more attractive than abs! Men with an amazing back gets me every time 🙂 And for a female to have a nice back, it shows she is truly dedicated to every part of her body being in shape. Thanks for this awesome post 🙂

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