I resolve…

With about 10 minutes until the New Year I thought I would share a really quick post about my resolutions.

  1. I will go to the gym at a minimum 3 times per week NO MATTER WHAT!
  2. I will eat mindfully following the eat clean principles
  3. I will be completely gluten free and limit grains
  4. I will track my spending (I’m pretty good with my finances, but I don’t really know how I am good with it… lol)
  5. I will make more effort to spend time with friends and family regardless of my fitness commitments.

I also have a bunch of goals… but resolutions for me are always kind of fluffy general things that reflect my outlook instead of specific goals.


*** I may have ingested vodka soaked fruit gummies and may be intoxicated so I apologize if this post make no sense, but I felt like sharing because, well… you guys are awesome 🙂


5 thoughts on “I resolve…

    • Awesome! I am mostly gluten free now but I get suckered in sometimes with things like nanaimo bars. I try to justify by saying there is only a little bit… so really my resolutions should be lie to myself less. lol Happy New Year!

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