Valentine’s Day and Motivation

Anthropomorphic Valentine, circa 1950–1960

Anthropomorphic Valentine, circa 1950–1960 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How was your Valentine ’s Day?

Mine was kind of meh. At the moment my wonderful boyfriend is living in Ottawa during the week so sadly I was alone yesterday. I’m not big on the whole Valentine’s day idea. To me it’s kind of arbitrary especially if your relationship is strong… you probably don’t need an excuse to show how much you love the other person.

Regardless, my Valentine’s Day was spent ignoring the cupcakes at my client (they were store-bought, over-processed monstrosities anyways, bleh) and treating myself to a few squares of 85% dark chocolate followed by a date with myself at the gym.

Allow me to segue here: last week my back and bicep workout was BRUTAL. I mean I slogged through it with no energy and every rep seemed like it demanded twice the effort it normally did. So this week I was, for the first time in a looooong time, slightly dreading back day… which is normally my favourite!

Yesterday, however, I kicked butt! My back is back! HA!

Anyhoooo, so not the point. What struck me was how busy the gym was yesterday. I mean, it was packed! I had expected it to be relatively empty what with it being V-day and all, but it was even busier than normal. So that got me thinking… what are people’s motivations? Why would it be busier?

Well, my motivations were easy:

  • I’m celebrating this weekend, not on the day so why should it interrupt my regular schedule?
  • I am probably indulging a little this weekend so some pre-emptive cardio won’t hurt.
  • I didn’t go the day before because I was exhausted to the extreme.

But what about everyone else?

I think that for a lot of people, V-day kind of emphasizes that you are single. I think a lot of people think that if they were fitter/skinner/more attractive they would have better luck in love, so off to the gym we go. While I’m all for anything that get’s people active, I really don’t think that is sustainable change.

Motivation for change has to be intrinsic – that is, it has to come from inside you. You can’t be motivated by something outside of yourself… like catching someone’s eye. What happens when you are in a relationship? Are you just going to give up?

I really believe that health and fitness has to be motivated by a desire to be healthy and fit, and that is the way to make it last. It has to be its own goal, otherwise it is a short term solution.

What are your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day and Motivation

  1. When I first started dating my bf (3 years ago), he had the nerve to say ‘you know, you might get fat dating me bc I eat a lot and all my ex-girlfriends said they gained with when they were in a relationship’…oh what a fool, I told him that is ridic and don’ flatter himself, whether i am singe or not, i workout for my OWN health!

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