There is nothing to eat!!!

This is the frustrated call of every child staring into a fridge that is filed to the brim with food… or my boyfriend.

What he actually means is that he doesn’t see anything he normally makes, or that what is available is something he has already had or doesn’t want.

How often does this happen to you?

I think that this is a big part of getting stuck in a rut with what you eat. Maybe you aren’t used to making a certain type of food, or you were hoping to find something else in the fridge that isn’t there.

If you branch out though, you may find that you can combine some amazing flavours and come up with a new favourite dish.

It is so important to be able to throw some items together and make something that tastes good, is healthy and that doesn’t take a lot of time.

Some ideas for random foods that you probably have in your house/that I currently have in mine:

–          Tuna + half avocado + salt and pepper and spices = Tuna salad

–          Greek yogurt + berries + oats = Yogurt bowl

–          Random veggies + any lean meat cut in strips + spices = Stir fry

–          Nuts + raisins = Trail mix

–          Eggs + banana + almond butter = paleo pancakes

–          Protein powder + nut butter + water + freezer = sludge

–          Protein powder + frozen fruit + water = protein shake

–          Sweet potato + peameal bacon bits + cheese = twice baked potato

There are lots more, but these are what came to mind when I thought about what I currently have on hand.

So… if you ever just catch yourself staring into your full refrigerator thinking there is nothing to eat, start trying to pair up ingredients and think of how they could fit together. I became PRO at this in university with my best friend. We would have some leftover coconut, honey and chicken and think…that sounds delicious! And it was. 🙂


5 thoughts on “There is nothing to eat!!!

  1. Do you have other tips/recipes/resources for students trying to eat “clean” or paleo on a budget? With a dorm mini-fridge (which makes storing frozen veggies or any large amount of fresh produce, difficult!).

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