I am making this since I bought some stewing venison… how amazing does this look!

Update: Ok, so I followed this almost exactly except that I subbed 2 tbsp red wine vinegar and 3 cups of beef bone broth for the wine. This was the best stew I have ever made/had. I’m sure it would work just as well with beef… go try it!

The Cavewoman Cafe

Hunting came into my life during my vegetarian years in the form of my husband. Here I was a dyed in the wool vegetarian that had just been diagnosed with anemia. My doctor had just told me, eat more red meat. “Eat more red meat!? I don’t eat any red meat sir.” I said with a sniff. This didn’t ruffle him a bit, “Well then it is time to start.” With this information rolling around in my thoughts, in stepped strong and handsome hunter, stage left.

I must confess, this was a conundrum, I really liked this guy but he was a “hunter”. He kept wooing me and I kept being wooed and before you knew it he brought venison to the freezer. Then he got busy cooking it up. (He is a remarkable cook.) I cautiously peered into his giant skillet filled with sizzling meat, onions and apples. Hummm…

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