What I Ate Wednesday – jumping on the bandwagon

Well, I’ve been seeing What I Ate Wednesday floating around the blogosphere for AGES now and thought… why not?

Please excuse the fact that most of the photos are terrible!

The cottage cheese/yogurt bowl pre-mixing

Breakfast – mixture of organic pressed cottage cheese, organic yogurt with a little stevia, vanilla and blueberries galore! I have gone to using the pressed cottage cheese and mixing it with yogurt instead of the liquidy one because it has a bunch of ingredients that I think are unnecessary (like carageenan) whereas both the yogurt and the pressed cottage cheese have 2 ingredients… milk and bacteria! Also, I always buy plain and add my own sweeteners and flavours. I prefer the control this gives me and the choice of ingredients.

Post- mixing – looks much less appetizing, but still yummy

Morning Snack – just a coffee (Grande skinny latte) from starbucks. Has anyone else noticed that there new menus say the grande has 120 calories when it used to have 130? where did the other 10 calories go?


Lunch – yummy leftovers of the “Pasta” Carbonara from yesterday


Afternoon Snack – 3 carrots (I ate 2 before I remembered to take a picture!) and a protein shake


There were 3 carrots – I got carried away!

Dinner – More leftovers! I was the leftover queen yesterday apparently. This was from Saturday’s dinner party. Roast beef, roasted parsnips, carrots and onions, and I steams some brussel sprouts for the side.


Evening snack – I was craving something sweet so I had 2 squares of lindt 90% dark chocolate with some tea. 🙂


All this worked out to ABOUT 1600 calories with a whopping 165 grams of protein, 125 carbs  and 52 grams of fat (good ones mostly) which is exactly where I want to be for weight loss.


5 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday – jumping on the bandwagon

  1. Yum. And that’s a really good question on the other 10 calories…
    I just started doing feature days on the blog. (My Wednesdays will be “Writer Wednesdays.”) It really helps quell the chaos of trying to decide what to write at least a couple times a week for me.
    I’ve done “Food Friday” a few times, but haven’t been able to make myself stick to that one.

    You’re doing great with your eating. So impressed.

    • Thanks 🙂 Weekdays are usually ok for me… it’s weekends with their unstructured-ness (making up words because I’m tired) and socializing that kills me. I should start structuring my blog more, but I find it hard… I am so all over the place most of the time!

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