Stretching and the full squat

Jeeeez, it’s been a busy one! No time to go to the gym, barely time to go grocery shopping, I feel like everything is falling behind where I normally keep it chugging along at a nice pace!

I don’t know about you, but when things get disorganized and I’m super busy I have trouble sleeping. Normally when I’m busy at work I stay at the client or the office to be as productive as possible, but this week I decided to try a different approach and work from home at nights when needed. I was surprised at how effective this made me. I managed to get all the laundry that had been piling up (5 loads worth) done over the course of 2 nights, cleaned my house, and managed to scrounge up some food despite my almost bare fridge.

Despite all that I still wasn’t sleeping well. Normally once my house is clean I sleep like a baby? So what’s the deal?

Time to relax…

Oh right… I have not lifted, ran or even stretched in about a week! No wonder I can’t sleep. My mind may be exhausted from work, but my body has barely moved (aside from running up and down the stairs to switch over the ridiculous amounts of laundry).

Over lunch yesterday I read Mark’s Daily Apple‘s post on floor living and I thought that maybe that little bit of increase movement might help. So I crouched down and tried to rest of a full squat.. I probably lasted 30 seconds… ok, not good. I proceeded to intermittently stretch out my hips, quads, calves and especially my hamstrings over the course of the night between loads of laundry and finishing up some work on the computer and kept going back into the full squat. By the end of about 3 hours of sporadically doing this I finally got my hips and hamstrings loose enough to comfortably squat for about 5 minutes!

I was pretty proud of myself, but what I noticed most was when I got into bed, my back and hips felt much more “neutral”. I tossed a lot less and found a comfortable position almost instantly. It’s amazing how much more comfortable your body is when it’s not wound up tight from sitting all day!

I think I have a new goal…. lounge less. My couch might be incredibly comfy, but obviously my body is happier with a full squat and some stretching.

Oh and Happy International Women’s Day!


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