April goals

*Peeps head around corner*




*waves shyly*


Soooooooo, how are you guys? I know I kind of disappeared off the face of the planet about 2 weeks ago, but I swear I still love you all!


I’ve had a really rough… um, 3 months. But it’s the start of a new month and a few things have changed! Most notably that my boyfriend is now permanently living with me instead of crazy back and forth commuting… yay! But also, supposedly, my busy season at work SHOULD be winding down (my schedule so far does NOT reflect this, but here’s hoping). With these changes I am trying to refocus on my fitness and especially incorporating couple workouts in the morning. So I figured why not make some April goals?!


April goals


  1. Eat clean with no cheat meals until Aprils 20th when I am going to Niagara and drinking lot’s o’ wine with my boyfriend for our anniversary. I figure it will be equivalent to about 3 cheat meals and therefore I need about 3 weeks with no cheat meals to properly earn it 😉
  2. No gluten, at all, not even a little, not even when in Niagara!
  3. Run OUTSIDE 3 times per week (weather permitting) – I hate running outside so this is the big one for me
  4. Weight train 3-4 times per week – my main goal at the moment is to lean out a little so weights will be a little lighter and less rest between sets, with some metabolic movements… you’ll see.
  5. Workout in the MORNING at least half the time


Alright, 5 is a good number for goals.


Here’s some random thoughts for you, probably more for the girls, but I’m sure it’s somewhat applicable for the guys too.


Window shopping at Eaton's department store. (...

Window shopping at Eaton’s department store. (Toronto, Canada) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Do you guys avoid shopping when you have gained weight? I do. And I have been avoiding it since after my competition even though I desperately need some more clothes. Like many fitties out there I use clothes as a non-food reward for fitness goals. I meet a goal and I generally go and get some clothes to give myself a pat on the back. But while I was in competition mode I didn’t really do that because my size was fluctuating so much. And then after the competition I didn’t want to go shopping because shopping when you don’t feel good about yourself is pretty much the worse experience ever…. can someone please explain to stores that they will sell more if they don’t have fat mirrors and fluorescent overhead lighting?! Well I finally went shopping and have some nice clothes to wear for spring and despite some of the outfits looking outright horrendous on me, I actually feel good about it! So don’t avoid shopping when you feel out of shape, it’s akin to punishing yourself and that’s not really productive… it’s spring and we all deserve to look good whether we have gained or lost or leaned down or bulked.



3 thoughts on “April goals

  1. So glad you’re back and still treating yourself well! It’s all a journey with many pit stops along the way. The key is to get back in the driver’s seat and keep going forward, you look great behind the wheel!

  2. I’m on a little shopping ban right now because I don’t feel fit! But it’s true, it’s spring and I want some new clothes… Your post, especially the last sentence, is a good reminder to stop being negative!

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