What I’m loving right now

Question: Do you guys go through food phases?

I definitely do. It usually happens for 1 of 3 reasons:

  1. It’s in season and everywhere so why now buy lots while it’s affordable… think asparagus in the fall, and raspberries in the summer
  2. I discover a new food, completely fall in love with it and attempt to put in in everything… this happened with parsnips, kale and greek yogurt back when that was novel
  3. I somehow forgot that I absolutely love a certain food that I for whatever reason have completely left out of my life for ages and feel like I need to make up for lost time… this is me, right now, with Oranges.
Orange fruit and cross section

Orange fruit and cross section (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s the thing though, I don’t mean clementines, or whatever baby-fied version, I mean normal navel oranges. These are huge, juicy (when they are good), and nature has pre-sliced them! Every Christmas I’m pretty sure I eat my weight in clementines, but I don’t think I’ve bought an actual orange in… wait for it (I’ve been watching too much How I Met Your Mother)… 2 years.

So a couple of weeks ago I bought 3, and promptly demolished them. Normally, my fruit intake is mostly berries, and maybe an apple or a banana. I don’t eat that much fruit and it’s typically in a yogurt mix… oranges and yogurt is not an appealing thought. But I’m trying to stay away from dairy at the moment so whole, portable fruits are making a come back in my diet.

Enough rambling though.. aside from the fact that oranges are portable, delicious, and pre-sliced they have this host of health benefits too!

  • Most famously they are super high in vitamin C which is awesome since it prevents scurvy… it’s an actual thing, not just something that sounds vaguely pirate-ish. Vitamin C also boosts immunity, is a potent antioxidant, and can have favourable effects on hypertension
  • Helps prevent kidney disease and stones by reducing the risk of calcium build up.
  • The citric acid when combined with dark leafy greens creates greater bioavailability of the iron. So top a salad with some orange slices for a synergistic combo of superfoods.

6 thoughts on “What I’m loving right now

  1. I definitely go through food phases, or kicks, or what have you.

    I know what you mean about oranges. Mom had an orange tree at her house in Florida and we would go out in the morning after the sun had been shining on the tree for awhile, and pluck one off. It would be warm from the sun and always so juicy.

    Last year I went on a trip to Viet Nam and I fell in LOVE with pomelo. It’s like a grapefruit but just a tiny bit sweeter – enough that you can taste the grapefruit taste but no pucker. It is one of my favorite fruits now but hard to find and only “in season.”

    I also go through phases when I learn something new. I take off on it for awhile if it’s high in a certain phytonutrient.

    In fact, I usually eat everything until I’m sick of it and then go on to something else for awhile.

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