The concept of balance

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been blogging as much lately as I was before. The reasons for that are twofold, 1) I have been swamped with work and have had very limited time and 2) that limited time has extended to my working out and so my fitness has suffered, so I didn’t really feel genuine writing about fitness when I was struggling with it myself.


I am not out of this phase yet. I still am short on time. I am frequently exhausted and I have not been getting my workouts in, but I have been good with my eating and have been going out for walks at the very least in order to get in some movement.


When I admitted that I was struggling to a group I am part of that is led by the oh-so-charismatic Erica Willick of Sister’s in Shape, I got so much support that I couldn’t help but be buoyed by it. Erica’s comment, however, stuck out the most.


I had been feeling ashamed that the balance I had worked so hard to achieve was slipping through my fingers and that shame was making it even harder to bounce back. But she so wisely pointed out that balance doesn’t have to be looked at day-to-day, but can be looked at from an overall perspective. Of course this wisdom probably comes in part from being a mom. There are a mandatory few months where you can’t work out while pregnant and there are whole swathes of time as a Mom where you have to put other’s before yourself. But then you get back on track.


Original image description from the Deutsche F...

Original image description from the Deutsche Fotothek: Deutsch: Astrologie & Sternzeichen & Kalender (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So taking a step back and looking at the whole picture. It’s really only been a few months that I’ve been off track, during my busy season at work. As my work starts to slow down and summer comes around, the balance of my life sways from work centric, to home centric… and home is where I get to make the calls about how my time is spent.


Even though those of us in the fitness community know that consistency is so important, sometimes it good to re-evaluate using different guidelines. Look at your life over the course of the year. Was that year a balanced year? Did you take some breaks? Did you take some times to really focus and dedicate yourself to something? Did you have other times where you were on a more even keel?


Looking at the bigger picture can make a big difference!



5 thoughts on “The concept of balance

  1. Ah yes, balance. Who on this planet doesn’t struggle with balance right? You have such a good attitude it’s refreshing.

    Also I am the same way as you. I struggle to write and talk fitness a lot when I’m not in the game the way I should be.

  2. Yay for this post. I want to know that other people who take fitness seriously struggle from time to time and come back to where they want to be. I’m about 10-12 lbs heavier than my normal fit weight (I’m 5’9″) and that is a constant source of stress. I’m down to about two rainy runs a week if I’m lucky, but I’m working 12 hour days, adjusting to life in a cold, wet climate, and spending any time I can with my man (who also works crazy hours) settling into our new place. Sometimes, as uncomfortable as it makes me, I do have priorities that trump my need to stay on top of my fitness. And thank goodness I do, that’s how I know I am a sane, well-rounded person.

    Reading about people’s PRs, how awesome their workout was, etc. is great… sometimes. But of course people are eager to share when they’re doing well. The reality is, it’s not always that easy. Thanks for being real.

    Now bring on the spring and summer!

  3. It’s nice to hear what we’re all thinking when forced a little off our path. I believe we all go through ‘seasons’ of our lives where we just have to let go a bit and trust that we’ll get back to it when the time is right. The fact that you have awareness and tolerance for this little break only shows your committment to the life-long journey that is this lifestyle. Because as you know, this won’t be the first time you must veer off-course :). My year has been pretty good, but as a mom have had some hiccups during my husband’s travel, kid sicknesses and my own injuries. Rolling with the flow has really been the only option.

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