You may have noticed throughout my blog are spatterings of “I hate running” rants. You may also have noticed that I do it anyways. Why? Because I believe it’s very good for you!


It’s one of the only forms of cardio exercise other than fast walking that our bodies are truly designed to do. Man has been running since the damn of time and we’re going to keep running. I don’t believe that we are necessarily designed to run marathons, but I certainly believe that we have evolved being able to sprint, job and walk. So I do all of those things and make an effort to have them make up the majority of my cardio.


Finish Line

Finish Line (Photo credit: brixton)


A lot of people think that running or jogging is hard on your joints, especially hips and knees, but this is mostly due to incorrect running form. Most people, including myself up until 6 months ago, heel strike. Heel striking is where you run with your forward leg straightening completely and your heel hitting the ground first. This transfers all that impact into your knee and your hips. But if you land on your mid foot with your knee slightly bent and your foot under you (instead of out in front) all that goes away! This is what I mean by saying our bodies are designed to run!


Since I have learned this I have switched to minimalist running shoes and started paying attention to my running form. I have more of a lean and try to let gravity do some of the work for me. While I am certainly not someone who loves to run, I have been finding it easier and less painful. I encourage anyone who thinks running is harmful to look up barefoot running, running techniques and heel striking just as a few buzzwords to start with.


I have started running more outside because I will be doing 2 Spartan races this summer. Both are only 5 kms, but will still be challenging for me. I have recently discovered Map My Run which shows me my split times and basically allows me to actually evaluate whether I’m improving or not. I love this app!




– Run 5 kms in 25 mins


My current time is 32 mins so that would be a substantial improvement… but I’m confident that by the end of June I can do it!



6 thoughts on “Running

  1. Good on you and best of luck with your training! I too struggle with running, I really just don’t enjoy it. But I do notice differences in my body when I do it. I’ve shelved the idea of races for now (which I used to try to push myself to do) and, instead, I’m trying to incorporate walk/run intervals and HIIT into my routine. I look forward to seeing how your races go!

  2. You’re not kidding about good running form! Running with a heel strike seriously injured my knee and put me into rehab for 6 months. It’s really good advice to make sure you run midfoot, with a forward lean, and make sure most of your leg action is behind you. Like my PT said, good running form feels a little bit like you’re going to fall on your face 😉

    Good luck with your goal! I’ll look forward to following along with you!

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