Getting used to morning workouts and WIAW

So I’m terrible at remembering to take pictures of the food I eat on Tuesdays. Yesterday was a little odd and I was super (like extra super) hungry and ended up “snacking” aka mowing down on like half  bag of tostitos and delicious salsa. Really not the most horrible of cheats since (1) they are gluten-free and (2) it was probably still only like 500 calories and I had a few calories to play with since I aiming for between 1800 and 2000 cals per day. Nonetheless a sweet potato would probably have been the better option.

So no pictures for What I Ate Wednesday, but this is the breakdown anyways:

Breakfast (pre-workout) – 1/2 c. non fat greek yogurt, 1/2 c. raspberries and 1 tbsp of pumpkin seeds all mixed up

PWO snack – Chocolate protein shake mixed with a doppio espresso (seriously love this… like a cold mocha after a workout) plus 2 rice cakes and a tbsp of peanut butter… I followed this up with my 1 oz of pecan that was supposed to be for the afternoon because I was starving for some reason

Protein mocha yumminess

Protein mocha yumminess

Lunch – 6 oz of organic pork chop and 1 cup snap peas sauteed in butter

Afternoon Snack – 1 measly orange because I already ate my pecans 😦

Dinner – A small chicken leg (thigh and drumstick) with skin on and 1 cup broccoli

TV snack – 3-4 servings of tostitos with amount 1/2 c of salsa

And even with the TV snacking terribleness I came to:

Calories – 2117              Carbs – 162                  Fats – 93               Protein – 162

I woke up this morning and my arms looked so puffy from the late night carbs. Apparently I was a little depleted!

Speaking of mornings… I’ve been keeping up with my morning workouts for 2 weeks now and I think my body is finally adjusting. Today was the first morning I had energy, and boy did I need it! I did this workout with my best friend and both of us had shaky knees by the end… and because gym people are smart (not) they put all the leg equipment on the 3rd floor… genius!

Morning Leg Workout

All exercises were done with 3 sets and 8-12 reps

5 minute warm up on the treadmill

– Jumping squats (to get that CNS firing and further warm up)

– Squat and press with an olympic bar braced in a corner and a 45 pound plate (this is actually the first time I’ve done these and I loved them, really gets the whole body, even calves, involved)

Olympic Bar Squat and Press - Strength Exercise - Step 2

– Narrow stance squats – 115 lbs, 135 lbs, and 165 lbs!

– Straight leg deadlifts – 135 lbs, 155lbs and 155lbs (my lower back was not feeling great so I listened to my body and so should you)

– Hamstring curl machine – 90 lbs for all sets

– Hamstring curls with a stability ball

– Hip thrusters – 80 pound dumbbell

– Crunches on a stability balls – 15 reps for each set

Have a great Wednesday!


3 thoughts on “Getting used to morning workouts and WIAW

  1. Fantastic dedication! have you tried using myfitnesspal to help keep track on calories and make sure your on par for the day? I started testing it and find it’s a great way for me to keep track of it all.
    Also I put some flaxseed meal in my protein shakes, it’s a great way to add more fiber and omega-3 in a diet.
    Keep it up!

    • Thanks! My protein shakes are usually on the go, so it’s hard ot add flaw or anything like that, but I definitely would do that for the morning. I haven’t use myfitnesspal, but I’ve just started using mapmyrun which I love!

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