I posted a picture earlier today from Busy Mom Gets Fit about “toning” vs “getting bulky” and how most girls don’t want to get bulky and thus don’t lift weights. Listen to me right now. You will not get bulky!

The catalyst for this post

At least not by accident which seems to be the implication. Which I frankly find insulting.

I am in the gym busting my butt 4-5 times a week lifting HEAVY trying to build muscle. I have been doing this for a couple of years and I still don’t have as much muscle as I want. Now having said that I probably do have more muscle than some girls want but it didn’t just magically appear overnight. It happened super slowly with lots of hard work.

I promise you, if you lift what is heavy for you 2-3 times a week you will like the results. PLUS if you don’t like it… just stop! This is probably the most frustrating part of the myth for me. It’s not like you are going to overnight turn into she-hulk and never see a curve ever again, all you have to do is add a little more cardio and lift a little lighter with higher reps and you with lose that muscle fast!


Me rowing 150 pounds

My family genetically gains muscle very easily and I still have to lift heavy and often to make gains and am currently trying to increase both my strength and size.

So please girls… PLEASE. Don’t be afraid of the weights! And don’t be so naive as to think that these girls who look too muscular to you got there by accident. That took hard work and dedication and it’s not going to happen to you the moment you try to do a back squat.

OK sorry for the rant… flowers and rainbows all around!


10 thoughts on “Bulking

  1. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written about this and I always give the exact same advice to women who tell me they don’t want to get big. I tell them do everything they can to get bulky, and you’ll get the body you want. They never believe me…

      • I believe you! Weight lifting is changing my life. I avoided it for a long time, not because I thought I would get bulky, but just because I was intimidated. But now I’m loving it! I’m seeing great results and I feel like a badass… in all areas of my life. I’m more confident and more accepting of my body. I want to spread the word far and wide… keep on sharing posts like this!

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  3. It’s a never ending conversation, but I’m glad you’re still playing that broken record. I guess we’ll all just need to take turns until the myth is debulked!

  4. Another thing I tell the women I work with that are worried about this is, women don’t have enough natural testosterone in their body to get the “She-Hulk” body they worry about! You want to burn that fat you need lean muscle, to get lean muscle you have to lift heavy!!

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