On Tuesday I had an appointment at Clear Medicine with Dr. Natasha Turner who wrote The Hormone Diet. It was pretty much what I expected, but helpful nonetheless. What I liked about her approach was that she wanted me to get my blood work done in order to see the actual levels of things like B12 and iron instead of just hypothesizing. She went through my diet and was pleased with what I was doing. It pretty much agrees with exactly what she would prescribe to someone trying to lose weight.

Some things that I discovered:

  1. I am EXTREMELY acidic – she was not at all surprised about this. I have read some about this, but haven’t really looked in to it, but apparently exercising as hard as I do and as frequently makes you very acidic even when your diet is full of alkalizing foods. In order to help fix this she has me taking lot of magnesium and trying to improve the absorption of my digestive health.
  2. I have very low stomach acid – Producing stomach acid is one of the most energy costly processes your body goes through on a daily basis. So when you are expending a tonne of energy in exercise AND dieting AND not absorbing everything you eat, your body doesn’t tend to produce enough. I am taking betaine pills to correct this and so far I’m up to 3 pills with no “acid” feeling, which you are supposed to feel with one pill.
  3. I need to increase some of the vitamins I’m already taking – she was impressed with what I was already taking but increased my dosage of St. John’s Wort, 5-HTP, omega pills and Vitamin C.
  4. I don’t get enough fiber – because I don’t eat grains, I’m really not getting very much fiber despite all the veggies and fruits. SO I’m increasing my flaxseed and chia seed consumption.

I lost 1 whole pound the first day probably from water and de-bloating from the magnesium and vit C. We’ll see if it continues.

My favourite part of the visit was that she basically told me I was exercising in exactly the way she tells her clients NOT to exercise… and then proceeded to say, “but you’re an athlete, so we will work around it”. I don’t know why, but I never consider myself an athlete, I consider myself a bodybuilder, incredibly strong, fit and active, but not an athlete and I take it as high praise. I think I will shift my thinking and start considering the efforts I make “athletic” because that’s what they are!


4 thoughts on “Nutritionists

  1. My prep coach works at Clear Medicine as well (Tara Rose). Her methods for my prep are very similar to Dr. Turner’s and I always feel great throughout the prep process so hopefully you will too! I find the supplementation they recommend so helpful and Tara recommended I do bloodwork as well. Turns out both my estrogen and progesterone are suppressed and my t4 is low. I don’t know why but I get really excited when someone else sees Tara or Dr. Turner and finds them helpful. It’s like you’re discovering a secret I’ve known for a while and now we’re in on it together lol.

  2. Wow this is a great idea. Eye opening too, makes me glad I decided to start supplementing with magnesium a couple months ago.

    Oh and you ARE an athlete, and an inspiration to us all!

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