Toronto Pro Supershow

Wow it’s been a long time since I posted. So quick update, I have been running more and lifting less with the warm weather and training for the Spartan race. I have also been eating some ice cream because it’s summer and I love ice cream. But I have maintained my weight and am still looking muscular, so I feel good about things right now.

This weekend was ribfest in Ajax, where I grew up and the Toronto Pro Supershow in Toronto. So essentially I went to ribfest and ate lots of bbq and then felt huge at the show… hah!

Let’s get to the pro show though. In a nutshell, it was awesome. Sunday, which was the only day I went, was the finals for the muscle mag, Reps, and Oxygen model searches. The people who won looked phenomenal! I was really pleased to see that the girls who won were rockin’ a full behind! Maybe it’s just because I’m part of that camp, but I always feel a little nervous about how large my legs and rear end are. So seeing both the bikini and fitness winners having booties that clearly are familiar with some squats was fabulous! Don’t get me wrong, these girls were lean as anything, but there was nothing flat about them.

Erica Willick and Brianna Mogg

Erica Willick and Brianna Mogg

I also met up with a bunch of girls I have met online, know through work or through shows. Many of the girls I met up with were through Sister’s in Shape. If you aren’t familiar with Sister’s in Shape go check it out either on their website here or facebook here (and yes that is me flexing on the cover pic in one of the Sister’s in Shape tanks). It is a phenomenal resource for any girls looking to get into competing. It’s run by a sister team (of course) and one of the sisters is Erica Willick who you may have seen in the pages of Oxygen magazine. She is also a personal idol of mine since we have a lot of commonalities. We went to the same business school (Richard Ivey School of Business), both became chartered accountants and are both huge promoters of fitness and healthy lifestyles while maintaining a career and family life. Essentially this woman rocks.

One of the other girls I met up with is a girl I work with, apparently the accounting world abounds with fitness competitors! Β Her first ever competition is coming up and she was a little nervous today, but after seeing the show I think she realized that she is in a good position to compete and will do really well (if you are reading this, know that I think you will rock that stage!). I really want to point out for anyone who is on the fence about competing, you are probably in better shape than you think. The girls who win, no doubt are in unbelievable shape, and if you aren’t sure about your physique, then maybe you won’t be placing among these top girls, but maybe you will. But there are always girls with weak spots, or who needed a couple more weeks to lean out, or who aren’t as muscular as they thought. And this is not to say that those girls are not beautiful and in amazing shape. My point is that people usually only see pictures of the winners or the top 3-5. But that is not the whole line up and many of the girls are up there to get experience and improve for next time. So give it a go!

Lastly, I of course spend too much money on fitness goodies, though I held out and did not buy a 6 pack bag, which I secretly covet! I bought some Whey concentrate in Chocolate Banana and “Kick” from Revolution Nutrition, 2 different whey proteins from Progressive nutrition, a water alkalizer and PrOATein bars. I’ll let your guys know how they all taste and perform in the next couple of weeks. The one I’m most interested in is Kick. It’s a stimulant for pre workout (or whenever really) and I’ll be starting morning workouts again this week, so I have a feeling I’ll need a little kick…. pun intended πŸ˜‰



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