Eat clean, train dirty… think nerdy!

So there are some fun things coming out with sister’s in shape and myself, but I wanted to talk about a little personal mantra I’ve developed. I’m sure some of you have seen the saying “Eat clean, Train dirty!”

It means keep your nutrition tight and clean, but train in beast mode and don’t be afraid to sweat!

Well I’m taking it one step further…. I’m adding “think nerdy”.

photo (1)

I am a firm believer in doing research and knowing the why behind what you are doing, not just how. I identify myself as a nerd or a geek in many aspects of my life, but especially in anything related to nutrition and fitness.

Many people get a personal trainer or a coach to design their fitness and nutrition programs and will follow exactly what that person says without researching what impact doing those things may have, or even without researching the results the coach has had in the past. At a minimum you should find out what past clients think about this person’s approach.

Layne Norton has been making metabolic damage and “guru” coaching more public, and it really emphasizes that we all need to look out for ourselves. To some coaches we are just dollar signs and they may not have our health and best interests in mind.

Make sure you know why you are eating less or exercising more and what you hope to achieve by those actions so you can evaluate whether they were effective. If you don’t know this how can you know what to change in order to achieve your goals?

I’ll be talking a lot more about this in my first vlog which I’ll be posting the week of August 4th! šŸ™‚

Until then… eat clean, train dirty and THINK NERDY!


3 thoughts on “Eat clean, train dirty… think nerdy!

  1. Absolutely agree. It’s so important to think for yourself and do your research. Not that people shouldn’t get advice from others, we all can learn. But definitely don’t just take anything someone says without looking into it yourself! Find out why, good advice!

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