Vacation and Starting Contest Prep

I’m baaaaaaack!

Ok, so as I said before I wasn’t going to be posting a lot because I was on vacation and generally just trying to stay off of the internet a bit more and enjoy real life. But I have officially started my contest prep as of August 5, 2013! So along with prep I will be back to writing lots of blogs, and even more excitingly, posting vlogs as part of a project with Stephanie from Operation Competition Lean and Erica from Sister’s in Shape.

You can watch my first video here talking about what is happening for the next 3 months of my life. Also, in case you haven;t noticed my trend of loving research and generally being a huge nerd, I decided to make my personal motto for competing

Eat Clean, Train Dirty, Think NERDY!

Stephanie has her first video up now too which you can (and should!) go watch here:

SIS: Adventures in Competing – Stephanie’s Vlog #1

And once Erica’s is up I will update this post as I’m sure it will be stellar, in the mean time she has lots on her youtube channel which you can see here.

Competition prep this time around is going to be very different than last time. I’ll be talking lots about it, but some main differences are I’m starting my calories at 2000/day (many of you probably think I’m crazy, but I’m already losing weight), I’ll be doing mostly HIIT cardio starting at only 15 minutes 3 times per week and I will be much more regimented (mostly because I now know way more).

Another huge difference is my starting point. This past year I put on a lot of muscle, but also a lot of weight and my body normalized around 150 pounds (I was 133 at competition), last year I was between 142 and 145 at the start of prep but I only prepped for about 9 weeks. I’m actually really excited to see how my body does this time around because I think my metabolism is in a much better spot, and I really do have a lot more muscle on me. I don’t really have a weight “goal” but I am guessing I would look very lean and stage ready for the figure category at around 135 pounds, maybe as high as 138 if I can maintain most of my muscle!

I’ll talk more about what’s happening with the competition in my next post, but I do want to touch on my recent vacation…. guys I climbed 3 summits (all above 8,500 feet in elevation) in 4 days with my boyfriend!

Flexing at the top of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park

We went to California and did sooooo many amazing things thanks to his sometimes excessive love of planning ;). I will admit right now that I drank copious amounts of wine while in Sonoma Valley.

A lot of wine was had in Sonoma, some while listening to New Orleans Blues music live.

We had so much fun, ate a tonne of great food and were both incredibly active – I think we hiked a total of 33 miles (not kms) in 4 days and summited 3 peaks with changes in elevation of more than 3000 feet per day all with a 30-40 pound bag on our back! After all that I can tell you that my calves have never looked better! And just look at the view!

Just chilling next to some snow and a 2000 foot cliff… NBD

The vacation was really perfect timing, I had a great time and came back right at 12 weeks out from my competition UFE Halloween Mayhem on October 26th. Now the hard work comes!


2 thoughts on “Vacation and Starting Contest Prep

  1. I’m excited to see how your prep goes! I think the extra weight is going to be a great thing and you are doing the right thing with the calories!

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