Ready… Set… GO!

I have 78 days until UFE Halloween mayhem.

I have 43 weight sessions scheduled between now and then, half of those are leg days.

I have over 700 minutes of HIIT cardio to do or almost 13 hours – compared to many competitor plans which at 1 hours of cardio, 6 days a week would be 72 hours over 12 weeks!

I have exactly 9 total hours of steady state cardio planned – 45 mins, once a week.

I have 390 properly portioned and nutritious meals to eat until then.

And I have to go from this…

Please ignore the fact that my eyes look horrendously puffy… I just woke up.

To looking tighter, leaner and more muscular than this…

Me at competition weight

Me at competition weight

I’m going to be honest and say that’s a daunting task in 12 weeks. Many of the girls I know, including Erica Willick and Stephanie Laurendeau who will be in the same competition as me, are much leaner to start with and don’t need to lose the approximately 15 pounds I will.

BUT… I can also honestly say I am sooooo excited with my starting point (despite the clearly not excited face in the picture). I have so much muscle on me that I can’t wait to see. mostly of its in my butt which you of course can’t see in the picture above… but here is a side by side of my starting points between the 2 competitions (about a year and a half between them):

Starting Points 2

Side shot where you can see the changes a little better

Starting Points

Back shot – please ignore the fact that my back is warped… my spine sucks at its job

So you may notice that these are pretty much the worst pictures of all time. But I’m posting them anyways because I think it’s important for a lot of people out there to know that even though right now, buy industry standards I am fat, I actually love the way I look and I am very proud of how much I have changed my body. Yes I will be happy to shed some of the extra pounds I am carrying, but I love myself at every stage and that’s imperative!

Side note – I have the most horrendous DOMS right now and am having to postpone my first Plyo leg workout until tomorrow. I will not skip it though!



5 thoughts on “Ready… Set… GO!

  1. You go girl!! You already have a six pack! I think abs are definitely one of your best assets! I suppose if you add up all the workouts and hours spent in the gym the rest of your life, that might sound kinda scary too!

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