Meme pet peeve

So there are lots of workout memes out there that I absolutely adore and think are super motivating, but there are a couple out there that straight up piss me off. They over simplify things to a fault and may even go so far as to make people feel bad about themselves.

This is my most hated one.

Ugh, really?! A workout is 4% of my day? Ok ya I guess technically if you divide 1 hour by 24 hours you get 4%, point taken. But that makes it sound like you can just slot that workout into any hour of the day! Most people I know don’t have 24 hours of free time. Also, if you have to drive to a gym, get changed, shower etc. the total time investment for the gym is usually closer to 2 hours… especially if you are competing, but lets stick with the super efficient 1 hour workout, which is probably doable for most people just trying to get in shape.

So let’s break down most people’s 24 hour day:

  • Sleep – 8 hours – yes you can totally take an hour out of your sleep schedule to workout, but do that consistently and you will probably GAIN weight and you won’t recover from your workouts properly, not to mention be super grumpy.
  • Work + travel – 9 hours – maybe you can squeeze in a workout on your lunch break and eat at your desk instead? But that probably only works if you have a gym nearby, no gym close and you are out of luck
  • Getting ready in the morning – 1 hour – pretty much non-negotiable  as you need to get up, get ready and get out the door for work, you could prep this the night before and cut it down to 30 mins, but then you’re really just moving the time around
  • Making dinner and eating – 1 hour – assuming you eat with other people or have a family that likes a sit down meal this is not something you probably want to skip, but it’s probably the most “optional” thing on the list

There are of course other commitments, but let’s assume that this person doesn’t have anything scheduled… how many hours are left?

5 hours of “free” time.

So in my mind that means the  1 hour workout really takes up 20% of my day that is available for me to use as I like.  Now having said that that is still a pretty small portion if you really want to get in shape. And let’s be honest with ourselves… how many of us spend 2+ hours a night watching TV or surfing the net?

I really believe that MOST people can make time for working out, but making people feel bad by saying it’s such a small portion of their day makes it sound a lot simpler than it is. How about instead we tell people the truth? Making working out a priority is tough, it’s going to take discipline and you may have to give up one of your nightly TV shows, but if you really want it, it will be worth it.

Which is a nice segue into my favourite and probably most truthful meme of all time:

 No one ever said it would be easy, but it will always be worth it.

And at the end of the day, it is. It’s worth it, so accept that it’s hard, accept that you have to MAKE time for it, accept that you will have to push outside your comfort zone and I PROMISE you will love what happens because:

Step out of your comfort zone.....


6 thoughts on “Meme pet peeve

    • Thanks Marla! You know that’s returned in equal measure. I’ve been meaning to post about this before, and finally when I saw it twice in my news feed this morning, decided today was the day!

  1. Thank you for this. I go crazy when people just tell you I “make time” when your 5 hours of free time also include a commute, studying, family commitments, etc. success takes effort but everyone’s circumstances are different and respected

  2. Love those bottom two memes!

    And personally I think it isn’t so much about making time as it is deciding your priorities. Because we really DON’T have time. There are tons of things we have to do between chores, work, family and just plain old keeping our sanity by not spending every minute HAVING to do something. It is just deciding what is most important and then making sure we get that it!

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