SiS: Adventures in Competing – Week 5

WEEK 5: It’s More than Skin Deep

This week Stephanie, Erica and I talk about Some of the less discussed aspects of competing. Things like mental preparation, judging, choosing competitions, strategies etc. Last year I had a really hard time with being judged, but this year I have better prepared myself for that aspect and will be focusing more on my own development, and less on the judging. Hope you enjoy!

Rose Blackman – Young Professional – Eat Clean, Train Dirty, Think Nerdy


Stephanie Laurendeau – Stay at home Mom – Decide, Commit, Succeed

Erica Willick – Finance Exec & Mother – Strong Body-Mind-Life



One thought on “SiS: Adventures in Competing – Week 5

  1. Oh. Grr. Left a nice long comment and then accidentally wiped it out.
    Great arms, Rose, and great post. I think the lesson about judgment is applicable across the board, because it is about learning to take the judgment and pick and choose what’s valuable advice and works with your goals.
    Looking forward to following your progress and getting to know the other competitors you’ve chosen to post with. 🙂

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