Here are some links to posts where I discuss workouts:

Fast leg workout – machines but few free weights

Alternative cardio – for those who don’t like jogging

Chest and abs – no equipment needed

The masochist’s leg workout – not for the faint of heart

Fasted interval run and Shoulder pump – my first 2-a-day workout

Chest, shoulders and abs – weekend workout

The too-goddam-early workout – crazy tabata sets and Fran WOD

Full body plyo workout – a total of 160 kettlebell swings, 120, burpees and 120 knee to chin ab crunches

The Back Compliments workout – great for an all over back workout

My legs are sore but I don’t care! – leg workout that goes by quick for when you don’t really feel it

The BAMF bike WO plus mirror muscles – HIIT bike workout finished with chest and abs

The gun show – Cardio and biceps that give a great pump

High Glutes and Running – my first workout after UFE Halloween Mayhem

The pretty-darn-great at-home leg workout

Leg for 3 – standard heavy leg workout

Push for 4 – chest, shoulders and triceps

Bulking workouts – 4 day split

Push it

Posterior chain

Pull it



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